Friday on the Farm

My Cowboy was up and out early this morning, which means I’m left at home alone, which means I get to do all the chores all by myself, which means I’m slow, and which also means that the animals are the only creatures around for me to talk to.

Had anyone been here other than the animals, I may have been heard to utter any or all of the following phrases:

“You’re gonna cry.”

“PeeWee, you are such a brat!”

“Chip, that’s a nice hairdo you have goin’ on there.”

“Elena, please don’t head-butt me today. I haven’t recovered from the last time yet.”

“Jack, I hear you.”

“I told you you were gonna cry.”

“You don’t need in there.”

“Get offa that.”

“Get outta there.”

“Get offa me.”

“Get out from underfoot.”

“That’s my coffee. Yours is over there.”

“Bette, just take 4 more steps so I can shut the gate, please.”

“Thank you for helping.”

“Boy, boys, no horsing around. And no butt biting.”

“Quit swattin’ at Fancy!”

“Skeeter, the cats aren’t gonna steal your food.”

(But she’s guarding it just the same. And keeps a spare dish on the hay pile, just in case.)

PeeWee’s performing one last check to make sure the cows didn’t leave a single morsel in their feedbunk.

And now everyone’s settled in for their day, it looks like snow and/or rain is on the way for this afternoon, and I’m back inside to quilt. I’m glad no one’s around to hear me talk to myself . . . other than the cats.

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  1. Lovely post! I’m wondering — which animal was trying to get in your coffee, and do you make coffee for all of them? 🙂

  2. Tee hee. So picturing this whole scene….

  3. Looks like you had a frosty morning like we did here in Arkansas. I always dread early morning animal chores but at the same time it is pretty peaceful out there in the mornings, just me and the animals and yes, I talk to mine also, lol! I have to admit though, I am more than ready for Spring!

  4. You’re not talking to yourself, you’re talking to the critters! I always did.

  5. I know your animals love you for the care and attention you give them!

    I hope your snowy event doesn’t last too long. It’s been pretty dry and warm here this winter — can’t complain!

  6. I love it. Sounds like me when everyone’s gone. So, what to the cats overhear in the sewing room? Cursing or happy words today? 🙂

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