350 Blocks Project: Blocks 8-14

My next set of blocks for the 350 Blocks Project . . . I’m feelin’ pretty good about this so far!

Monday’s Block: 36-Patch Block

Tuesday’s Block: 36-Patch Block

These are both for my 36-Patch quilt from Amanda Jean‘s quilt-along. I started out really well back in the summer, but faltered along the way. I’d really like to get it done soon, though. I need to count how many more I have left to make.

Wednesday’s Block: Women of Design, Block 7

I may have mentioned (several times) that my sister and I are both doing all of the Kansas City Star BOMs from every year since they started doing them again. My sister has them all done, and is working on the current one, while I am woefully behind. This is part of my effort to catch up on those . . .

Thursday’s Block: Triangle Star

Victoria posted a tutorial on this block on the 15 Minutes Play site, and I fell in love with it immediately. I knew I had to make at least one, but I now realize after this first one that I’ll be making an entire quilt of them — an entire large quilt of them. So fun! You can do this, too. Hop on over to the 15 Minutes Play site and look at all the blocks made by others and get yourself the tutorial.

Friday’s Block: Triangle Star . . . again

I’m ever so slightly addicted to these. I got started and couldn’t stop. Luckily, a customer deadline made me leave them alone after this second one . . . OK, so I have a third cut out already . . . but they’re so fun!

Saturday’s Block: Red and Cream Checkerboard Block

Using the little 1 1/2″ squares from this block for leader/enders while I was piecing everything else, got me so close to done with this block, that I went ahead and finished it up while I was at it.

It takes a long time to sew 225 little 1 1/2″ squares together, but doing it this way, it didn’t seem like it. I don’t know how many of these I have finished now. I think this is number 4 maybe. I’ll dig the others out and show you more of this quilt later.

Sunday’s Block: Nine-Patch

I was afraid I wasn’t going to get enough blocks done, so I weenied and made a 9-patch. Considering I need almost 200 9-patches for this quilt, each and every one counts, so it’s OK, right? It’s made from 2″ squares. I have a bin . . . the lid was bulging, so I dug out some matching ones and am making a simple 9-patch quilt. The blocks finish at 4 1/2″. And they’re all wild, so I’m calling it my Wild Nine-Patch. I’ll show you more on that one later, too.

Bonus blocks this week:

It turns out, my fears of not getting enough blocks made this week were unfounded, because I actually finished 5 others . . .

Four extra 9-patches:

And the center of my Made in Cherry Cowboy quilt:

I’ll add these pictures to the Flickr Group tomorrow. Then I have to get started on the next batch! How are you doing with your 350 blocks this year?

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  1. Wow, Shelly! What a productive week. I’m having a hard time picking my faves. I think Thurs, Fri, and Sat are my faves….I also love the last one a lot. You know I’m a sucker for cowboy, paisley, bandana, horseshoe stuff! Way to go!

    I would love to do a postage stamp quilt someday. I love that yours is all red and white. I think leaders and enders is the way to do it. I can never remember to use leaders and enders, though. It’s a habit I think you have to learn…

  2. Gosh Shelly, you put what little sewing I got done this week to shame now. I love all your quilt blocks, I am especially loving the colors in Thursday’s block.

  3. I’m on track, but that’s about it. I just made a list of things (quilt related) that I would like to get done this week. hymm, kind of long. Love your Made in Cherry Cowboy quilt!

  4. I love the 15 minutes triangle blocks and the red & cream checkerboard. I love that you’re doing the leader/ender method with them. Makes me think that I need to try a postage stamp quilt except for all the cutting.

  5. How do you keep all of your projects organized?

  6. WOW! What a great block week. So much progress on so many fun projects.

  7. Oye! Those triangle star blocks are gorgeous! I need to get things organized for a leader ender project. It would be like a bonus quilt. Your Made in Cherry top looks like mine. 🙂 I’m still undecided on a background though. I’m making a king sized western scrap quilt too so my stash is dwindling and I’m trying not to panic. LOL.

  8. I finished my last week’s batch, but this week is NOT looking good.

  9. Okay, here’s my blocks!


  10. wowza, lady, you’ve been busy! i love the concept of your 350 block challenge. i REALLY like your leaders and enders project…how fun! (despite that it’s a leaders and enders project, you know, LOL!!!) good luck on your challenge.

    i’m wondering how to approach my wips…ufos, whatever. i wonder if there is any hope for some of them? other quilts just pop up with deadlines, you know? sigh.

  11. You are doing wonderfully! I love those triangle star blocks also…and that red and cream checkerboard is to die for!

    (to myself…I will NOT start anything new…I will not start anything new!). You are such a bad influence for my no new projects mindset! Is there an AA for quilt starting addicts? (As opposed to quilt starting and FINISHING addicts?)

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