News From the Studio

There’s been a lot going on here so far this year.

First off, I’ve been working on keeping up with my 350 Blocks Project. My goal is to make at least 350 quilt blocks this year, in an attempt to eradicate some of my UFOs and slower-moving WIPs. It’s not too late for you to join in if you like. You can read about it here: The 350 Blocks Project.

Earlier this year, I created and donated a pink cowboy boot Christmas stocking to a cancer benefit for a lady named Jodie. I recently heard from the organizers of the event, and the benefit raised double what they expected, and my Christmas stocking brought in $58 for their cause! I’m so thrilled that it helped out so much.

I’m trying really hard to get the studio whipped into shape (aren’t I always?). Michele from Quilting Gallery, has teamed up with Pat Sloan and created The Learning Center on the Quilting Gallery web site. For February, they’re talking all about how to get organized and set up your space. One of Pat’s suggestions was to remove everything from an area, and then put back only what belongs there. I tried that in my computer corner. It worked, and I love it! Now to tackle a much harder area next. But I’m skeered . . .

I also forgot to take any before pictures, so hopefully I can remember to do that with the other areas, and I’ll post some before and afters so you can all see just exactly what I am dealing with here!

Back before Christmas, I participated in one of Sherri’s Mystery Monday projects. This is what I made, and I finally got it quilted and bound.

It’s ready to use . . . however, I have to say that it’s my own special form of insanity to keep making table toppers and table runners when I don’t even own a table! I’d like to participate in another one, but I simply can’t take the time right now. But you can if you want, and you should go check it out!

Back in November, I joined a knitting group. The group is affiliated with the Christian Church in the town next door, and they meet there once a week. While everyone can work on whatever they want, members of the group also make and donate prayer shawls, prayer throws, and baby items within the community. Up till now, I’ve been working on my own things, just to get back into the swing of knitting, since I hadn’t done it for so long. Last week I began my first prayer shawl. All I can say is: I hope they’re not in a hurry for it!

I also picked up a skein of yarn to make a scarf for my oldest daughter. She has asked me to make her one, yet she lives in California, so I’m not sure why she needs it. Probably just so she’s not outdone by her sister that I’ve already made one for! Needing a certain type of yarn for the fringe on said scarf, the gals in the knitting group informed me that there is a yarn shop in the nearest big city and I should check there. (This is as dangerous for me as a quilt shop, as I’m sure you can imagine!)

As luck would have it, My Cowboy had to go to the city the other day, so I tagged along with him and got to stop in at the yarn shop. It’s wonderful! It’s called Hillcreek Yarn Shoppe, and I wanted one of everything. Here’s what I bought to make fringe with . . . I can’t wait to show the girls at knitting meeting!

Oh, and one last thing before I go . . . The Farmer’s Wives are starting back up again, after a bit of a hiatus surrounding the holidays and start of the new year. So if you’re in on that, like I am, hop over there and check it out, and get back to farming! I’m behind right now, but I’m more than happy to keep going, because I can count them into my 350 blocks for the year!

And that’s what I’ve been up to . . . how ’bout you?


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  1. LOL! Well, I suppose you could use the table toppers and runners on the dash of the truck – 🙂 Just think how stylish you will be – could be the start of a whole new trend. I have a table. Just sayin. I love yours and I’ll have to go check that pattern out. Your boot is great! I love the extra bling you added! Sounds like you are off to a productive start! I love the block a day idea, but I know myself too well.

  2. Sounds like you’re keeping busy! Love what you’ve been working on. I have had to disallow myself from entering knitting/yarn stores. I know what will happen, and I can’t afford that right now (in terms of time, money, or distraction!).

  3. Call the tabletoppers wallhangings. You do have walls, don’t you?

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