350 Blocks Project, Week 3

Not to brag, but I’m really making great progress on my 350 Blocks Project so far.

I may actually have hit on just the thing I needed to kick me into gear and get some things done. Finally!

How about you?

Have you found just the thing you need to jump start your projects this year?

You can always jump right on into this project. It’s never too late!

I’ve stopped numbering my blocks, and am now just going to put what week it is that my blocks are for.

The reason for that is because I’m managing more than a block every day, so my count is now off . . . in a good way!

I was also asked what to do about quilts that aren’t made in blocks, and other things like that? My answer is: “Whatever you want.” But here’s how I’m planning to do it. I’m dividing things into sections, so, for example, if the quilt isn’t made in blocks, and if a quilt has pieced or appliqued borders, then I’m counting each side as a block (so 1 section = 1 block or 4 borders = 4 blocks). A medallion quilt done in rounds might be counted as 1 round = 1 block. It’s totally up to you how you count it. So, with that technicality out of the way . . .

I was too tired to edit and post my photos last night, so here are my blocks for this past week . . .

Monday’s block: Triangle Star

Really. I’m addicted. I can NOT stop making these!

Tuesday’s block: The Red Boots

This is applique . . . with embroidery. And this is a bad picture of it, too. You can read all about it in my next post, where I’ll show you the entire quilt that it’s a part of (with better pictures).

Wednesday’s block: Star points for the Made in Cherry Cowboy quilt

OK, so it’s really 3 “blocks”, but since they’re all for the same quilt, I’m lumping them together here. And I’m not posting any more pictures of it till it’s all done. My Cowboy picked out the fabric he wants me to use for the background, so there’s nothing keeping me from moving forward on it except time.

Thursday’s block: Triangle Star

If something doesn’t stop me soon, I’ll either have enough blocks for one HUGE quilt or two regular ones. Neither of which would make me unhappy.

Friday’s block: Autumn Daze

Another block from the Kaffe Fassett quilt I’m making.

Saturday’s block: Autumn Daze

And another one. I meant to do even more of these, but ran out of time.

Sunday’s block: Four-Patch

I made this 4-Patch from leftovers from the Red Boots quilt. One is all I’ve made so far. I’m not sure what I’m going to do with it, or the other leftovers, just yet. I was just playin’ around . . .

I also made (not this week, but back in the first week of January) all 20 of the blocks from the Red Boots quilt, so since I did make them in 2012, I’m adding them to my count, since I want to keep track of how many total blocks I make this entire year.

That puts my count up to 58 blocks so far.

At this rate, I could hit 500 blocks this year! Wonder how long I can keep up this momentum? How about you?

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  1. What a good idea, and what great progress you are making with it!

  2. I love seeing your block progress and love the blocks too! Really digging the boots too, lol!

  3. Aw. Here I was ready to say, “Look how many I finished!” but you blew me out of the water!


  4. You are doing so very well. Keep up the good work.

  5. I really love those triangle star blocks! They are fantastic. I can’t wait to see them all put together. you are doing so well with your blocks!

  6. you are doing a GREAT job! FUN!

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