Marathon Sewing

That’s what I did all last weekend.

Our Modern Quilt Guild, the Pecan Valley Quilt Guild, hosted a member retreat, and let me just say right now how much fun I had. Oh. My. Goodness!

There were about a dozen of us there, and we chose secret stitcher sisters and passed out secret goodies to each other all weekend, we played strip poker (with fabric strips — get your mind out of the gutter!), and we played other games and ate way too much the entire time. And we sewed! We all sewed our little hearts out.

If only I myself would run as many miles as my sewing machine did this past weekend, I’d be thin as a rail!

Here’s a recap for you . . .

Stuff We Made

Barbara’s Batik Stars quilt . . .

Michelle’s Block of the Month . . .

RoseAnne’s Block of the Month . . . (same quilt, different colors – amazing, huh?)

Jeannette’s Block of the Month . . .

Stephanie’s Christmas Scrap Quilt . . .

Donna’s quilt (made from a lady’s aprons) — she’s adding inked-on line drawings to all the white spaces. This quilt will be amazing!

RoseAnne’s SnowBound Block of the Month . . .

My second Jelly Roll quilt . . .

Norma’s Star Quilt . . .

Stuff We Did

We played Strip Poker. I know absolutely nothing about cards, but I still came out ahead in the end!

We had Mexican delivered, and the girls broke out the wine and we chowed down.

Mother and daughter worked together on t-shirt quilts . . .

I had my own little station set up. That’s my pile of FIVE completed quilt tops on the corner of the table!

Stuff We Said

You know I couldn’t resist collecting quotes from this event, right?

Here they are:

“Note to self: Don’t wear a t-shirt from home when you’re out of town.”

“I don’t understand all I know about what goes on there.”

“When I was young, we called that ‘pot’.”

“I play poker every time I go to the bathroom at home. Sometimes you get a royal flush.”

“I don’t take Prozac, but I’ve made sure everyone around me does.”

“I thought she said ‘porn’.”

“I’m gonna be unhappy tomorrow, but I’m happy now.”

“That’s the first time I got confused.”

“I don’t need that tool — it’s just a way for me to screw up even faster.”

Stuff I Got To Do That I Can’t Do Where I Live

Shop at a Wal-Mart Super Center at 5:00 am.

Get pizza delivered.

Get Mexican delivered.

Finish 5 quilt tops in 46 hours.

Watch TV.

Walk across the street to a restaurant.

Sew with 11 other people and talk and laugh non-stop.

Stuff I Came Back Home To

Reality . . .

An overflowing trash can

Unscooped litterboxes

An overstuffed laundry hamper

A sink full of dirty dishes


My animals, who all missed me (or at least said they did)

My Cowboy, who I missed, and who waits on me hand and foot and spoils me rotten

Our little ranch shack on our wonderful farm . . .

And my studio . . .

And a new baby . . .

As much fun as I had, I’m still so glad to be home.

You can see some more pictures on the quilt guild’s web site: Pecan Valley Quilt Guild

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  1. Shelly, thanks for sharing all about your sewing retreat, I so enjoyed hearing about it and seeing all the pics, such wonderful quilts turned out there. Oh, and there is no place like home is there, love the new baby addition, so very cute!

  2. Retreats are the best! I love going to them and I love hearing what others did at their Retreat. You were so productive, 5 tops. Whoo hoo! Congratulations on the new baby!

  3. It sounds like a lovely time. Welcome home.

  4. Thanks for sharing some of your retreat adventures! Sounds like we missed out! Who knew you were a natural at Strip Poker?! 5 quilt tops? Wow! Did you sleep? You have been on a roll this year! I need to try one of those jelly roll quilts some day. Yay for new babies! Our heifers have been busy too – lots of new babies popping up…or out. LOL.

  5. Looks like a great time and very productive. I’m feeling quite guilty because on Sunday, I’ll leave for a retreat. I feel guilty because I scheduled it before I knew all my other travel plans. I already feel like I’ve missed too much work and too much family time, but I’m going. It’s prepaid. It goes until Wed, but I’m going to have to come back Tuesday night. I just can’t miss any more supervision meetings with my students on Wednesdays. 😦 I am looking forward to some sewing time, though!

  6. I love the idea of strip poker— maybe this summer at Grubers? Sounds like a really fun retreat!

  7. You really did get a lot done! What a cute baby!

  8. Way to go! FIVE quilt tops? You rock! Your retreat sounds like an absolute blast! I can believe you are good at strip poker….and the new babies are so fun!

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