Grandma Jane

There’s a lady named Jane that lives in the town next door.

Jane is a quilter. She’s been a quilter for years and years.

She makes lots of quilts.

She’s over 80 years old, and goes to the Y three times a week to exercise.

She has a quilt block painted on her garage door.

My daughters became acquainted with Jane back in the late 90s, and she told them they should call her Grandma Jane, which they still do to this very day.

Grandma Jane is a sweetheart.

She recently asked me to quilt a couple of quilts for her. One quilt was a star quilt that she had made, and the other was a quilt that a family member had purchased at an auction and wanted to have finished. They’re both star quilts.

Jane’s star quilt has framed blocks. The blocks are all made from cottons, and the border and sashing is flannel.

You can’t really see the quilting on the front of this quilt, but with the variety in colors, that’s kind of what Jane was going for. She also did not want it too heavily quilted, so I just outlined each star and frame, put a “flower” in the middle of each star, and did squiggly lines in the sashing.

But on the back . . . wow! She chose the most gorgeous purple flannel for the backing. It looked and felt like velvet. I fell in love with the backing of this quilt.

She wanted the quilting thread matched to the backing, so I used a Superior King Tut variegated called “Luxorious” to quilt it.

The other quilt is a 6-pointed star . . . an antique top that some unknown quilter hand pieced. It was purchased at an estate auction, and was in pretty good shape. Look at all these wild colors! There are all sorts of fabrics in this quilt: blends, seersucker, flour sacks, dotted swiss, upholstery and drapery fabrics, linen, even a piece of silk in one patch.

Jane didn’t want this quilt too heavily quilted, but it did need to be evenly quilted to make it lay flat, since the top itself was a bit wonky and uneven. I chose to put “leaves” in all the green triangles, outline each star, then alternate curves and swirls in the points of each star, coming from the centers. The quilt flattened out quite nicely.

Again, Jane wanted the thread matched to the backing, which on this particular backing, made it hard to see, which also means my mistakes don’t show up too much! I used Superior OMNI in “Forest” for this one.

Grandma Jane is very pleased with them both, and when I asked her if I could show pictures of them, she said: “Honey, you just go ahead and show them to whoever you want to. I’d be happy for you to do that.” I told you, she’s a sweetheart!

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  1. Your quilting is wonderful and just makes 2 already pretty quilts really shine! I can only imagine how tickled Grandma Jane was! Well done! I’m so glad you started sharing some of your customer’s quilts with us!

  2. Your quilting is wonderful, and I think I love Grandma Jane too! What a wonderful woman!

  3. I can only hope that at Grandma Jane’s age I’m still producing quilts. You did a great job, and I’m sure she must be thrilled.

  4. Beautiful quilting! Thanks for sharing your work! She sounds like one cool lady. 🙂

  5. I love both these quilts! Neat tops, and you did a GREAT job quilting. 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

  6. Great quilting! She seems like a neat lady. Is she working on a Dear Jane? 🙂 LOL.

  7. Wow don’t you want to be quilting that good when you are 80??

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