1. Factoid: a briefly stated and usually trivial fact. (According to Merriam-Webster)

2. Food always tastes better when someone else fixes it.

3. Animals are creatures of habit, more so than humans.

4. And it doesn’t take them 21 days to form a new one.

5. I’m hungry for pecan pancakes. From Cracker Barrel.

6. Baby calves swish their cute little tails while nursing.

7. Dust bunnies have amazing reproductive capabilities.

8. So do fabric scraps stored in bins.

9. Even fabric scraps not stored in bins.

10. I have unsuccessfully tried clearing off my studio’s main work surface for over a week.

11. I checked out a book on organizing from the library, and it’s lost somewhere in a pile.

12. Today, contrary to what I’ve been thinking all day, is not Wednesday.

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  1. You make my day!

  2. Husbands are creatures of habit – even more than animals. It is only the female of the human species that must continually adapt and adapt. Okay, maybe the men adapt at work and in their recreation, but at home they can sit in the same recliner for years and never get tired of that. I, on the other hand, begin to see dust bunnies, tired curtains, dust on the windowsills, faded pillows on the couch, one last Christmas table topper and now it is Feb 24th. By this time next week, I predict that there will be a spring fling all over our living room. His recliner will not spring, however. It will be sitting in the same spot – pointing toward the tv with the remote on the table at his right hand. He is a creature of habit.

  3. You crack me up so much. I truly love your sense of humor. I have read every organizing book there is. It doesn’t help! 🙂 Love ya!

  4. I love reading your blog! You are an absolute riot! LOL

    Organizing….what more can I say than the Flylady at flylady.net. I have learned a bunch there and even got my own sewing room cleaned up a bit! You might even like her style…no more than 15 minutes on any one thing at a time!

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