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Last Saturday morning, I once again swindled my cousin into letting me watch The Pioneer Woman Cooks on his TV (since we don’t have TV here at the ol’ ranch).

What’s really funny is that, even though he has a TV in every room of his house, and could totally be watching something else in another room, he actually watches it with me. As if he’s trying to figure out what’s so special about it that I feel the need to drive clear into town to watch it! I haven’t bothered to explain it to him, since he has no idea what a blog or a blogger is . . .

Anyway, Ree made a Red Velvet Sheet Cake on this episode, and it was like she smacked me up side the head. Duh! Who’da thunk to just make it as a sheet cake? How much easier is that than trying to make all those layers? So, naturally I got all excited and made my grocery list sitting right there at my cousin’s kitchen table. And I made a Red Velvet Sheet Cake for Sunday dinner the next night. (And didn’t even take my cousin a piece of it — don’t tell him.)

It was very delicious, if I do say so myself. And there was enough left over for the next day. My brother discovered it, dug right in, and said, with his mouth full, “Did you get this recipe from that farmer woman? Melissa said she watched her do it on TV the other day. Is this the same thing?” Sure enough! The recipe is on the Food Network’s web site. You should try it.

In other news, My Cowboy had 3 flat tires (and our neighbor had one) in the space of 2 days last week. He has made a pile of all the junkers, after just giving in and getting all the tires on his truck replaced. Until we decide exactly what will happen with this pile, we’re calling it the Kitty Jungle Gym. They all think he made it just for them.

When we leave the farm, every single time we come home, Skeeter meets us at the gate with a present of some sort. Every. Single. Time. It can be a bone, a piece of wood or a stick, her tennis shoe, empty beer cans she’s picked up from the ditch, anything. If we surprise her, she just quickly runs and grabs whatever she can find the fastest. Her food bowl, a piece of cardboard, etc.

She keeps a stash, so there are random little treasure piles in various spots all over the barnlot. (They say dogs take on some of the characteristics of their owners, so I can totally understand where she gets the “stash” thing.)

Sunday night when we got home from my sister’s, Skeeter met us at the gate with a dead muskrat. While I normally love and praise her for the gifts she presents, those type make me cringe. But My Cowboy petted her head and told her “good girl” over and over.

She’s been meeting us at the gate with the dead muskrat ever since.

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  1. That’s great. I love the kitty jungle gym. I love that your animals have learned to greet you with presents. It’s so cute!

  2. I saw PW’s show – that cake looked good! LOL about the dog’s “gifts.”

  3. I came over from acowgirlsheart, and I love that the dead muskrat has gotten so much use!! So funny! I enjoyed reading your blog.

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