350 Blocks Project, Weeks 6 and 7

If you’ve been reading along, you’ll know why I didn’t have time to post any of the blocks I made last week, and you’ll also understand why I didn’t actually make a block every single day, but multiple blocks on some days.

Here are the blocks from Week 6 . . .

These are all for my Modern8Create group challenges.

Our challenge for last October was to choose a particular color palette, and then make an improv, sort-of-Gee’s-Bend-style quilt. I’ve done two blocks for mine so far. Yes, I’m behind — you should not be surprised at that!

This next one is for the January challenge, where we were to choose a word and make ourselves a quilt from it. Obviously, I’ve chosen the word “Inspire”. And even though this is the entire quilt, I’m calling it a block. It’s not large, and as soon as I quilt it, I’m done. You can read more about both of these projects here: Modern8Create.

I have not actually begun stitching on my February challenge, but I have a plan, so it’s not far off. And now, the March challenge has already been issued — I can’t seem to keep up!

That’s all the blocks I made for Week 6, but since I’m ahead, I’m not worried . . . yet.

Here’s my blocks for Week 7 . . .

Black and White 4-patches. There are 8 in this picture, but I showed one of them before, so only 7 of them count.

I was cleaning off the top of my island and ran across that pile of leftover pieces from the Red Boots quilt, and decided to just stitch them up before they get lost for good. I’m still not sure what I’m going to do with them, and they’re not all the same size . . . so . . . more on that later. What an easy way to boost my count — almost feels like cheating!

And I made another Triangle Star block. I love the center of this one.

That puts my number of Triangle Star blocks at 6. I think I counted up that I want to make 25 of these to make the quilt I want.

So having an off week or two didn’t set me back too badly. I’m at a total of 95 blocks so far. How are you coming along on making blocks this year?

If you have some to show, add them to the Flickr Group so we can all see!

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  1. Great job. You’re doing very well! I am working on some blocks that are just like your Triangle Star blocks in the center (the octagon). But you sew a little triangle to four of the inverted triangles and make a square out of it. Like you do on these for your last for corners….so mine is just the center like that). Anyway, before last week, I had 19 done. I now have 100 done! I needed to get 99 done for the quilt I am making. I got a lot done when I was sewing with my friends last week. I’m putting them together now. This is a HUGE accomplishment for me! Keep up the good work!

  2. I’m up to 73, so I think 95 is a great number! The last two weeks have been crazy around here too (but not insane, like your relatives!), so I’m just barely making my 7 a week.

  3. I love your Inspire quilt, it is just beautiful.

  4. You are doing WELL! So many blocks. So many projects. It is adding up.

  5. I love your new triangle block and the “word” block quilt! I’m amazed by everything you are getting done, especially with your family trying to keep you busy all the time!

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