Family Feud

There’s trouble in the barnlot lately.

YingYang (she had that name when we got her, unfortunately) has decided that she is mad at Skunk.

Not just a little mad . . .


My Cowboy and I were standing in the feedlot after fixing fence the other day, just standing there talking, leaning on the fence, when all of a sudden YingYang let out a horrible beller and started chasing Skunk.

Things had been fine just a moment before.

They had been standing at the hay ring together without any issues.

But suddenly something was terribly wrong.

She chased Skunk all over a 15-acre area for a good 20 minutes.

The chase slowed to a walk at times, since they got tired of running, because they’re both very pregnant, but YingYang wouldn’t let Skunk stop completely.

Triple-K and Allie both joined the chase to see what was going on.

Fancy Pants, the lead cow, finally realized what was happening, and took off out of the feedlot bucking and snorting. She ran to where they were so she could referee, but it did no good.

YingYang was still mad.

Eventually the entire herd decided they needed in on it, too. So they all ran around together for awhile.

It finally ended and they all settled back down to graze.

My Cowboy and I just looked at each other.

I said: “In all my life, I’ve never seen anything like that.”

He just shook his head. “I’ve seen bulls fight and chase, but I’ve never seen one cow get that mad at another one for that long.”

Me: “I wonder what Skunk said to her to make her so mad?”

Him: “She probly said, ‘Granddaughter of Bodacious — can’t even buck. I’ll bet they sold your son for hamburger — he ain’t no rodeo star. You ain’t nothin’ like your granddaddy — buckin’ bull (snort).'”

Me: “Yep, that’d do it.”

Thing is . . . it’s days later now, and YingYang is still mad at Skunk.


She singled her out of the lineup at breakfast this morning for some more chasing.

Makes me wonder if they’re ever gonna patch things up.

I’ll keep you posted . . .

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  1. And just in case people wonder what there is to talk about on the farm………

  2. Man that’s funny! We once had a cow who didn’t calve until last and she decided all the other calves were hers. She wouldn’t let their mothers near them. We had to separate her.

  3. Too funny!

  4. Love this. What personalities!!

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