Happy St. Patty’s Quilting Day!

So much to celebrate today!

I just realized I’m not wearing any green.

I need to go fix that before My Cowboy sees me, or I’m sure to get pinched.

But he’ll probably pinch me anyway.

He’s Irish, so he takes this day really seriously.

Here’s what we did last year.

This St. Patty’s Day should be less stressful.

Since it’s also International Quilting Day, I’m planning to step into the local quilt shop to see what’s going on.

Maybe I’ll pick up a green fat quarter or something, just to keep the spirit.

And I’m sure I’ll quilt for awhile, too.

Maybe I’ll start a green quilt . . .

My Cowboy will also not miss his chance to ask me  (in his best Irish accent):

“Do ya have any Irrrish in ya?”

To which I will reply “No”, since I’m Italian.

Then he will ask: “Do ya want some?”

It’s our little St. Patty’s ritual.

Maybe we need to get off the farm more . . .

What are YOU doing on this double holiday?

I hope you get lots of quilting time (and maybe a little Irish)!

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  1. I am afraid I may not have time for quilting today and I am not Irish, but do enjoy all the hoopla of the Irish traditions. I enjoyed your posting, was cute! Oh, I am going to paint my living room green tomorrow, does that count? lol! Happy St. Patrick’s day and Quilting Day to you too!

  2. I’m 1/4 Irish, but look more Italian. And am wearing green, in honor of my Irish grandmother, Mary.

  3. No time for quilting for me yesterday. Errands. I didn’t wear any green, even though I’m 1/4 Irish. But Elsa made up for it. We got pedicures, and she got green, sparkly toenail polish! LOL. We had a good day. The weather was glorious, and we had lunch at the park. She loved that!

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