The Way My Mind Works

Years and years and years ago, my uncle told me a story about a lady that worked in the same office he did.

Being young at the time, the story stuck with me because I thought it was just awful what happened . . .

This lady had really, really long hair, and one day, she was operating a piece of office equipment, and it caught the ends of her long hair and before you could say “Scat!”, it had wound her up in said piece of equipment up to her scalp, with her hair all caught up in the machine.

She had two choices:

1 ) Remain bent over the machine with her head caught until a repairman could be summoned and arrive and take the machine apart to get her out of it, or . . .

2 ) Let them cut her hair to release her more quickly.

She let them cut her hair.

My longarm has a “dial” on the back side that spins when the machine is running.

I have long hair.

Today, as I was executing a pantograph on a customer quilt, I leaned over a little, and felt something tug at my hair.

And realized that I had just narrowly escaped having the right side of my head all wound up in my longarm, much as the lady above had been caught.

I was home alone at the time.

I made a mental note that maybe I should start pulling my hair back when running the machine.

And pantos being what they are, I continued mindlessly quilting along, but . . . my mind wandered . . . to . . .

Just what exactly would I have done had my hair gotten wound up in my machine?

Hang out with my head trapped against Ivy’s side until My Cowboy showed back up?

“Hey, hon, welcome home. I’m just chillin’ with Ivy here. We’re buds. Wanna come unwind me so I can fix supper? Pleeeeeze?”

Then I remembered that while I’m quilting, I always have a pair of scissors hanging around my neck.

I could have cut myself out of such a mess!

Never mind that I would have looked like I was wearing a half-mullet that I tried to give myself in some throwback retro midlife crisis.

Folks would have wondered what drugs I’ve been taking . . .

It’s only hair — it’ll grow back, right?

And how would I have explained it all to My Cowboy?

If I can’t be trusted to stay home alone and quilt, then what?

I’d have had to make up something . . .

“You wouldn’t believe how windy it was doing chores tonight!”

“I tried to tell you I shouldn’t have to cook. Now look what’s happened!”

“The animals tonight at chore time — whew! — wild, I tell you!”

I don’t think he’d buy any of those, and it would only reinforce his belief that I need constant adult supervision in my life.

And that’s how my mind works when I’m left home alone without supervision!

You’d think I could come up with lots of other more constructive and useful things, given some quiet time, but nooo . . .

So let’s just not tell My Cowboy that any of this happened, because what would disturb him even more is the way my mind works.

Does your train of thought run on a straight track?

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  1. Haha! I was pretty sure you were going to say your hair DID get all caught up in it. I’m glad it didn’t. Yes, my mind wanders a lot sometimes when I’m sewing. Most of the time, unfortunately, I’m perseverating on something at work. My mind wanders so much, I can’t even always remember what my train of thought was!

  2. Never mind my mind wandering when I’m sewing, there are times, I can’t even tell a story without getting off track and 30 minutes later ask – what was I saying.

    As for the hair, the gals at the long arm rental place know when I’ve finished loading the quilt and are ready to quilt. The last thing I do, if I haven’t already done it is pull my hair up. It’s a 3 part thing — 1 – to try and prevent quilting it into the quilt, 2 – keep it out of the machine & 3 – to try and keep me cool..

  3. There’s a track?

  4. You might look cute with a new short do, but I’d hate to see you go about gettin’ one this way! My mind is always off on some bizarre tangent. I told hubby if he knew half the stuff I think but don’t actually verbalize he’d have been scared off years ago…

  5. You should write a book….

  6. Laughing here! I have long hair too, and am not sure I could bear to cut it off!

    And, oh, yes, the mind wanders here too!

  7. You crack me up! When I talk about what goes on in my mind I often say “It’s a scary neighborhood and no one should go in there alone!” I’m totally with Ranch Wife who said…”There’s a track?”

  8. O-boy can I relate – my train of thought has several, several branches, one after the other, and no telling where it’ll end up! LOL

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