News From the Ranch, Episode 885

Up until it started raining a few days ago, I had been spending lots of time outdoors. I would go out to do chores, and end up playing with all the animals, kissing my horses’ noses, petting the cows, feeding the bottle calf, giving the dogs “cookies”, and playing with all the cats. Everyone seems to be needing lots of belly rubs lately! (even My Cowboy)

Speaking of whom . . . he recently had 8 flat tires in a 17-day time frame. I’m sure that’s a new record or something. And a 9th one just a few days ago. About halfway through all this, he put an entire different set of tires on the truck, then ran over something and punctured one of those. Some of them were on the livestock trailer, so it’s obviously time for a whole new set of tires on the trailer, too.

Dolly has calmed down considerably, although she still won’t let me come real close.

Although YingYang is mostly over her initial snit regarding Skunk, Skunk is still a bit ostracized whenever YingYang is close by. It seems they’ll never be best of friends, if they ever were.

For a few weeks now, we’ve had a bottle calf in the barn that we got from my sister. I named him Chester. His mommy got mastitis and couldn’t feed him, so now I’m his mommy, and I show up with a bottle a few times a day, and all is well in his little world.

The weather was so wonderful for awhile there, we decided to put Chester in with Dolly during the daytime, so they could make friends. Chester loves the fresh air and sunshine, and he and Dolly eat together and lay in the hay piles chewing their cud.

The only difference between them is that at chore time, Chester still wants his bottle, and Dolly just looks at him as if to say: “You big baby!” Even though they’re nearly the same size, Chester is about 3 months younger than Dolly, so really, he is still a baby! My baby, for now, anyway.

My Cowboy cornered him and gave him his eartag one day.

My Cowboy was doubtful about the number I chose (13), but I told him it’s a lucky one! Chester just looks mad about it. I guess he didn’t want any jewelry, either.

Oh, and see that horse in the background? Yeah, that’s PeeWee. While we were busy with the babies, he decided to let himself into the yard and start grazing. Why waste all that new green grass? He wasn’t too happy when we put him back in, either. He kept pushing at the gate as if to say “Ahem, I wasn’t done yet!”

I recently had to take the old girl, Dandee, to the vet. Somehow, even though I can’t imagine her being rambunctious any more at nearly 15 years of age, she managed to rip off one of her toenails.

This particular day, we moved her to a different location for a change of scenery since the weather was so wonderful. Her tongue says it was downright hot! We have to keep her chained up all the time now because if she wanders off, she can’t come back. Going out uses up all her energy, and then she’s stuck and can’t come back home, poor old girl. We’ve had to take the truck and go get her more than once. Oh, how I love this sweet old doggie!

Big Jake still doesn’t have any more playmates yet, but the way it’s been raining and storming the last few days, I’m thinking that’s a good thing.

And tonight, when I went out to do chores, one of the kittens was missing. I noticed, because the three youngest toms are chore helpers, so if they aren’t helping, something’s wrong. And I only had two helpers.

So I started looking around, thinking if he didn’t turn up by the time I was done, I’d have to widen my search. Then I heard distressed kitten cries from inside the barn. I looked up, and there was Batman, in the rafters — and he could not figure out how to get down.

I had to actually go get the ladder and climb up and rescue him! Now I know how those firemen feel when they rescue kittens from trees. And I wonder if Batman has learned a lesson . . .

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  1. Well you certainly have your hands full! I’m thinking Batman is only beginning his adventures. He will continue to climb higher knowing that his rescuer will always appear. We’ve got an old family member too. He’s 14, but still insists on walking with us in the evening. He can’t hear a thing anymore so we’ve got to be vigilant about knowing where he is. Hope Dandee heals up fast. Sounds like your cowboy has to get in line for those belly rubs. 🙂 I’m envious of your moisture.

  2. Sounds like fun. Really. 🙂 Rosa had four kittens, but one died. 😦 E. is sure having fun caring for all of them with Rosa. That’s been our big excitement. Since PJ died, we told E. she could keep one of these. She is thrilled!

  3. I’ve always wanted to feed a bottle calf. Even just once. I finally got to try a little some time back at a friend’s house. 🙂

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