Weekend On The Ranch

After off and on storms and rain all week, the weekend turned out absolutely gorgeous.

And thankfully, none of our cows calved during all the rain.

But first thing Saturday morning, Sophie decided it was time. She went off into the woods by herself.

So My Cowboy and Chip, the Wonder Horse, along with their helpers, Blueberry . . .

. . . and Skeeter . . .

. . . kept a close eye on her all morning. By noon, here’s what we had!

Finally, a playmate for Big Jake! You can see Jake in the right side of the picture below, trotting along in front of Mom, acting like a big boy . . .

This is Sophie’s first baby, and as is usual for all first-time mothers, no one is allowed around that firstborn child for awhile! So she hasn’t brought the new one to breakfast yet. But she will . . .

While My Cowboy rode through the rest of the herd to check on things . . .

. . . I had lots of help taking pictures.

I would have had more help, but Scarlett O’Hairy decided to stop and rest halfway out there, and didn’t finish making the trek. She just patiently waited for all of us to come back. Why make that effort unless you have to? “I’m still wearing a winter coat, for pity’s sake!”

And of my three normal helpers, you’ll notice once again that there are only two. Guess where the third one was?

This morning, the guys had calves to work. So when they were done with that, they brought the bulls back home.

Sadly, Dan the Man passed away last fall, peacefully in the pasture, but Willie and Slick have returned. And . . . there’s a new boy to take Dan’s place. This is Ferdinand . . .

We turned them all out into a 20-acre area that has lots of fresh green grass. Slick and Willie immediately settled in and started grazing, singing the whole time. I so wish you could hear the noises that would accompany these pictures. I always laugh so hard!

But Ferdinand trotted all over the 20 acres like he was planning to make some great escape. He’s not nearly as mature and calm as the big boys. See him in the upper right of the picture? Yeah, that’s him taking off like a blue streak.

Meanwhile, due to the concert being staged by the big boys, Fancy Pants came running from the far side of her pasture to see what all the commotion was about. Nothing escapes the attention and watchful eyes of the Lead Cow in Charge, make no mistake about it!

After everyone got settled in, the guys took off to go find something else to do. Which gave the Helper Dog a chance to cool off. It’s hot out there today!

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  1. I just love your posts! You are such a talented storyteller!

  2. We must be getting your weather now. It’s been really cold and rainy here all weekend (all week, really). We got spoiled by that warm weather a while back.

    Congrats on your newborn! How wonderful! Oh, I feel a little jealous looking at your Cowboy riding herd on that horse. Sigh. Kinda miss that.

  3. I just love Sophie’s new baby, wonder if it is a boy or girl! And the kitties following you around, how sweet is that. I love all these names you have, Fancy Pants is so cute! Thanks for sharing your day with us, I do love to hear and see too! Sounds like you are having the same kind of weather we are here in Arkansas. Enjoy!

  4. Cute calf! Enjoyed all the pictures. LOL about the new bull running around. 🙂

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