350 Blocks Project, Week 11

The time is just whizzing right by.

2012 is already 1/4 over!

Just a few days left to finish up my taxes.

Every year I say I’ll do them sooner, but it just never happens.

I’m sure it’s all because I’m so busy sewing!

Here . . . I’ll show you what I did just this past week:

Monday’s block: Made in Cherry Cowboy Quilt

I finished up the last two sections of my Made In Cherry Cowboy Quilt and got the top all completed. Karin also made hers out of cowboy fabric, and I like hers better with the darker background. I wonder if she’ll trade me? Probably not.

However, mine will work out OK in the end, because I want to do some fancy quilting in those big open areas, and I’ll use a dark binding, and that should fix it right up.

Tuesday’s block: Charm Square table mat

Not only did I put these pieces together, but I also quilted them into this little table mat, and I even have the binding put on already. Sometimes I amaze myself! This is made from the Howard Marcus Collections for a Cause “Faith” line.

I listed it in my Etsy shop, but I’m having second thoughts about that. It would look really cute on my new coffee table that I don’t have in place just yet. I guess if it hasn’t sold by the time I get my living room re-do finished, I might just have to keep it for myself.

Saturday’s block: Guild Strip Challenge

I made a third block for my guild challenge quilt. I love how this is coming together, and I hope I’m not disappointed when I’m done. (Some things just look better on paper, tho.)

And that’s it for this past week. Only 4 more blocks. But I’m still ahead, so there’s no guilt yet. My count of blocks for the year is now up to 121.

If you’re following along very closely, you’re now wondering  . . . “Hmm . . . if she only did 4 more blocks this week, and last week she had 111 done, how did she get to 121 this week? That girl can’t count right! Poor thing . . . ”

Well, I can explain that. I do a lot of commission work, and I can’t always show you that stuff. But I still have to sew like crazy, so some of my jobs this year are really boosting my block count! And . . . eventually, I’ll get to show you what I’m working on.

And now if you’ll excuse me, there are cows in the driveway, and they’re not ours. I need to go find their home and chase them back there before Skeeter has a meltdown.

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  1. You’re doing well!

    The next two weeks, I’ll be lucky if I get ANY blocks done, so I’m glad I finished a chunk this week!


  2. Great Job! Did you get the cows out of the driveway? 🙂

    If that quilt top is too light for you, maybe you can just tea stain the whole thing. 🙂

    Love what you’re doing. Keep up the great work.

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