Small Finishes

Every year I set one same goal for myself:

To finish 100 quilting, sewing, or knitting projects.

I haven’t made it yet, but it’s been fun to shoot for.

In 2010, I got to 43. Last year, I made it all the way to 50.

This year, so far, I’m at 14 . . .

Statistics would indicate I should already be at 25 by this point in the year. Hmm . . .

(By the way, this does NOT count any of the customer quilts I quilt on my longarm. This is only my own stuff or commission jobs I do from start to finish.)

I think I’m ahead of where I was last year at this time, however, which leaves me ever hopeful that I can best last year’s record.

Just sew faster, right?

Or make more small stuff . . . because even small stuff counts.

And that’s what I have to show you today . . . some small stuff I’ve finally finished up.

First up is my Little Forest quilt that I made in Stephanie‘s Quilt-Along last fall. I’m not real happy with the quilting I did on it. I was shooting for a “sky” look, and instead, they look like they’re under water (or in a radioactive field). Another live and learn experience . . .

Second, is this little charm square table mat that I showed you yesterday in my block count. Seriously, the more I look at it, the more I like it. It’s just so cute!

Third, there’s this charm square table topper that I inherited from the shop owner when the quilt shop where I worked closed down. I had fun practicing quilting swirls all over it. It’s been so long since I took possession of it, I can’t even remember the name of the collection. All I know is it’s Moda, an older one.

Fourth, a furry scarf for my sister. Now that the weather’s too warm for her to even wear it. And I gave it to her without even taking a picture of it. You’ll just have to take my word for how cool it is!

Throughout this flurry of activity, I had an excellent helper . . .

And small or not, it’s made a dent in the pile of stuff that needs to be finished around here. And because I’ve finished some things, I’ve gotten to work on other things and move them closer to the “done” stage as well (like finding backings for some unquilted tops — no less than SIX of them!). So hopefully, I’ll be back later to show you some more finishes. Bigger ones!

Meanwhile, I struggle to keep myself from starting more new projects . . . ugh . . . the inner battle is ferocious!

How are you doing on getting things done this year?

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  1. Shelly, I so love the Little Forest Quilt, as I have a thing for trees! (radioactive background and all, lol) And as for the charm mat, I do think you should keep it, as you will be sorry if you don’t, so darn cute! The Moda table topper, love that one also, but then again, Moda, one of my most favorite lines of fabric! Why is it that cats are so attracted to the cutting mat, mine are drawn to it like a magnet, but that is ok, would not have them, if we didn’t love them! What is the name of this one, sure is pretty!

  2. Your charm square mat is very cute. It IS hard to keep from starting new projects. So many to finish :-S

  3. I topped 100 projects one year (years ago)–many of them were memory teddy bears that I made on commission. It gave me a great feeling. I probably have some UFOs left over from that year. I don’t think I’ll dig them out today, though. I want to work on the third block of Bouquets for Hazel, but I’ll have dirt under my fingernails instead unless it pours down rain.

  4. If I even finished 14 projects in a year, I’d be so happy! LOL. Hey, you got your Little Forest quilt done! Woo hoo! I think the colors turned out very cute. I feel bad you are not happy with your quilting. I think it looks fine!

  5. Well, I think I am logging a new start for every finish which means I am running fast up a down escalator, or something like that. But your finishes look just fine to me. I am sort of into small projects myself lately.

  6. Congratulations on adding finished projects to your list! These are great. I love your trees….and they don’t look radioactive or underwater 😉 Your two patchwork pieces are great too. Fun how they are each quilted differently.

  7. All fall and winter, I’ve had *ahem* a LOT of crochet and knitting projects going, and have kind of let sewing slide. So right now, I’m trying to get ALL the crocheting and knitting caught up, then concentrate on sewing and quilting again for awhile. Plus finish the bedroom curtains my older son has been PATIENTLY WAITING FOR AND NAGGING ME ABOUT for longer than I want to admit! I had started on them I think last summer, then broke my bobbin thingy while starting to sew them. I don’t even know where they are right now! LOL So I need to (literally) dig them out of wherever they are and finish those, too. 🙂

  8. Well it look slike you are well on your way to 100 to me and small or not, they all count. Heck, I wouldn’t even be able to make it to 100 if the only thing I made were potholders. 🙂 And if you didn’t do anything else but work on YOUR things, then you would surpass 100. I love the forest trees quilt and it doesn’t look like they’re under water to me although the thought of ANYTHING under water around here would make me swoon with happiness. I’ll gladly hold on you your little table mat for you until you actually GET a table. 🙂

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