The Family Dictionary

As I was busy making fun of my brother the other day for something he always says wrong on purpose, I realized that my entire family has their own little language (and it’s not Italian).

And wouldn’t you know? My Cowboy can speak this same language!

I thought I’d publish this brief dictionary of terms so that you, too, can teach yourself this wonderful new language. I’ve included them in sentences where I have a direct quote, so as to help you understand just how and when to use the terms.

vanilla envelope: manila envelope

vanilla folder: manila folder

ultramanure: entrepreneur

Lizaminnellis: Salmonella

“Will I get the Lizaminnellis if I eat that chicken like that?”

A.S.S. Office: ASDS office

Turd Hearse: manure spreader

Gecko Bilboa: Ginkgo Biloba

“I need to get me summa that there Gecko Bilboa and see if it improves my memory any.”

fox paw: faux pas

“What a horrible fashion fox paw. Did you see that?”

fye-ancy: fianceé

This one actually comes from the John Wayne movie “The Searchers”, when the groom catches his bride-to-be hugging the man she really loves and says, “I’ll thank yew ta unhand my fye-ancy!”

ron-dezz-voo-ezz: rendezvous

“What time are we to ron-dezz-voo-ezz tonight?”

day-jaw-view: deja vu

“I just had me some day-jaw-view.”

feet-o-magic: a nearly impossible task

“It was nothing short of a feet-o-magic that I made it back on time.”

Ped-o-file: This thing . . .

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  1. How funny Shelly, I think we speak some of that language too, lol!

  2. My favorite is vanilla envelope. I think I’ll start using it, if you don’t mind!


  4. Funny! We have some of ours. Lloyd has a few choice ones. I probably can’t share them publicly. They are probably too inappropriate or “not-pc”. LOL.

  5. Our family has many of these. Most appropriate for yours may be “horse devours” for hors d’oeuvres.

  6. LOL! Our family has their own language too.. maybe each does…?

  7. I featured this post on my Misc. Finds Monday:


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