Dear Cowboy

While you’ve been gone the last few days . . . leaving me to “woman” the ranch alone . . . without adult supervision . . . lots of things have happened.

I thought I’d fill you in . . .

Skeeter killed a muskrat. It’s still laying in the yard, like the prized possession she feels it is. Only now it also stinks to high heaven.

I went to a quilt show with my friends, Rose Marie and Ginny. It was storming, so I couldn’t work at home anyway. I’m sure you understand. I’m calling it a business trip.

No new calves were born. But . . .

Skunk’s baby slipped in the mud while frisking and fell down. Shortly after, Skunk also slipped in the mud and fell down. I still haven’t decided which of them was funnier. Thankfully, no one broke a hip or anything.

I got the postcard you sent me — thanks! I’m still awed by the fact that you can pull that off while traveling. I’ve never mastered the skill of sending postcards in a timely fashion.

Oh, and because of all the mud, your horse no longer looks like a palomino. It’s not my fault.

He (your horse) has also put Bonnie and PeeWee on an exercise program. He makes them run circles in the arena every morning just after breakfast.

And the cockle burrs in his mane? Also not my fault . . .

Hey, at least he’s still wearing all his shoes! I think . . .

Oh, and I loaned out your livestock trailer. Blueberry was furious that I let someone take it while you weren’t here to say it’s OK. Skeeter wasn’t too happy about it, either.

A new litter of kittens was born underneath the floor of my studio. Seeing as how they’re out of my reach, I won’t be able to try and save them. I can only hope they have a good mother, but that’s also highly unlikely.

Heck, I’m not even able to save the big ones. DJ got run over and killed in the road on Thursday. Broke my heart. His brother, Batman, is still trying to figure out where he went. That also breaks my heart.

And the indoor Royalty all think I’ve done something with you, and are thinking you’ll never return. But Big Dan has been enjoying having your side of the bed all to himself!

I spent one day with my daughter, and although she did take me to the mall, she didn’t actually make me shop. But she did make me do her mending.

I went to my cousin’s daughter’s wedding. But since you weren’t here, I didn’t go to the reception. I’m socially inept enough without trying to do things like that alone.

I spent one evening at my cousin’s house to wait out the tornado watches. Given that he lives 2 blocks from the tornado sirens and has a basement, and I’m a total storm coward, especially when you’re not here, I opted for a visit with him over cowering in the bathroom with the cats. I embroidered while watching a movie on his TV, which took my mind off the bad weather.

Your mother called once . . . to tell me they were getting hit kinda hard by the storms up there in Iowa. Which made me realize I’m fast becoming my grandmother. She was a worrier . . .

And I only worried more when you called from Laramie and I looked at the web cams of the deplorable road conditions . . . and to think I’d been glad you hadn’t driven through Nebraska the night before because of all the storms!

In amongst all that, I did get some work done, believe it or not.

But I’ll sure be glad when you get back home . . .

Love, Mildred

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  1. Awww. What a nice note. I’m so sorry to hear about your cat. So sad. I know how you feel. I love your comment about the “Royalty.” Too funny. Sounds like you’re keeping busy!

  2. I think the travelers to the quilt show could have had more press in this list of woes. We actually had a great time, Cowboy. Didn’t miss you at all………………okay, some of us missed you a little.

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