News From The Ranch, Episode 906

Springtime here at the ol’ ranch is just speeding right along.

While we’re still waiting on several more calves to arrive, we’re sure having fun watching the ones we have. They’re just so cute, and it’s even cuter when they all get to playing together.

My Cowboy refers to them as the Kindergarten class of 2012.

Sophie’s baby has finally been allowed to come to the feedlot when everyone else does. I’ve named her Jenny. If she really IS a Jenny, she’ll be our next replacement heifer. Isn’t she cute with milk all over her face?

Skunk has a darling child this year, and it’s turned Skunk into a poor, harried thing trying to keep track of him. Thankfully, the Babysitting Club helps her out, or she’d have had a nervous breakdown by now.

When we went out to do chores yesterday morning, we could see YingYang hanging way off by herself, and suddenly she laid down right where she was. Within 10 minutes, she was back on her feet, with this by her side! It looks just like her — isn’t that adorable?

Spring is certainly the time for all sorts of babies to arrive, and there have been several litters of kittens born in various and sundry inappropriate spots around the place.

Callie gave birth to two in the hay manger. Bubba turned out to be a Babette, and spouted out three in the barn’s alleyway. There’s a litter under my studio floor that I can only hear, but can’t see or get to.

Scarlett O’Hairy decided that she’d like to have hers in a bucket in the mudroom. So that’s exactly what she did.

A few days later, she moved them into the far corner of the mudroom. It did allow her a bit more space to nurse them and take care of them.

However, their eyes came open, and they became a bit more mobile, so . . .

Scarlett moved them to another bucket. That’s one way of keeping them from getting away from you!

We’re up to four bulls in the bull pasture now. The neighbors bought a 2-year-old named Slick, Jr., and turned him out with the big boys and Ferdinand. It only amplifies the singing that goes on from that direction.

Someone drove past our place and saw all the bulls out there, then went and said to our neighbor, “They’ve sure gone and put out some money for bulls this spring!” Leslie just laughed, and replied, “Um, three of those bulls are mine . . .”

Ferdinand is the only one that really belongs to us. We just keep them all together at our place until it’s time to put them in with the cows. It’s a convenience of running a cow/calf operation where you and the neighbors help each other out. But it sure would be nice to think we had that kind of money!

Speaking of money . . . and Leslie . . . he calls me Mildred . . . because My Cowboy calls me Mildred (after my grandmother, so I don’t mind in the least), and he does it so much that now Leslie always calls me Mildred, too.

The other day, I sat down at my sewing machine, and looked up at the whiteboard hanging on the wall in front of it, and saw this:My belly laugh for the day, courtesy of My Cowboy!

Good advice, too! Don’t let yourself get caught up in any of those dangerous quilting scams!

And the best part of my recent days was getting to see BOTH of my daughters together at the same time — not once, but twice! We call them The Bling-Bling Twins (or Kim and Khloe, whichever fits the moment) . . .

Other than that, I’ve been quilting . . . a LOT . . . and that’s what’s happening around here. I hope you’re all having a wonderful spring as well!

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  1. Love your stories. Sophie looks quite indigent that you are taking her picture in the first bucket, but seems more relaxed in the second. Your daughters are beautiful.

  2. I love your post and photos. Thanks for sharing! We had quite a scare here. The kittens went missing for two days. We thought they were goners and the coyotes got them or something. Today, I took a walk in the woods, where Rosa keeps coming from when I call her. I found her kittens in a wood pile out there. I brought them home and am letting them stay in the garage for a bit. That was quite a scare for us!

    Your daughters are gorgeous!

  3. Your daughters are so beautiful Shelly! I’m so glad you all got TOGETHER for a visit.

  4. Wow, what beautiful daughters you have! (I was going to say “beautiful girls” but figured then you might think I was talking about cattle or cats!)

  5. I love your stories…Thank you for sharing.. You have a beautiful family..

  6. thanks for the photos. I remember when your daughters were little girls.
    I used to read your blog on my google reader as part of a list of blogs called something like “quilters blogs”. I’ve been too busy to keep up with things during the ending of the semester and have just noticed the blog has disappeared. I wondered why the number of unread blogs wasn’t increasing as fast as it used to. Do you know what I’m talking about? I searched for the list but it doesn’t show up.

  7. Enjoyed this post, and had to laugh about all the momma cats having their kittens in various places! LOL about the buckets. 🙂

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