The Three Rs

Cowboy style!

What three Rs is a cowboy concerned with?

Why, Ridin’, Ropin’, and Ranchin’, of course!

This cute little throw quilt is my current project for Riley Blake Design’s Cutting Corners College, and the tutorial is available on their site for free. Yes, free! Can you beat that?

I decided I’d like to take outdoor pictures of this quilt, and I managed to convince My Cowboy that it’d be a good idea if he would help. He graciously agreed.

He saddled up Chip, the Wonder Horse, and Blueberry, the SuperDog came along with us, and we attempted to take some pictures.

Naturally, I choose the exact moment that a thunderstorm was rolling in to do all this. Can you see it in the background? Look how dark it’s getting . . . eeeee!

And it was a tidget windy . . .

OK, a LOT windy . . .

I’m blessed that all my helpers were of the patient sort!

The entire time, Chip was seriously wondering what this was all about. Where are the cows? Why aren’t we working? Really, you want me to stand still and hold a blanket? That’s it?

And then the quilt got rained on . . .

We sorta really suck at doing photo shoots around here. But it’s all good. We really need rain!

Just as we were finishing up, curiosity got the better of a few members of the kindergarten class. They came running to see what was going on. From left to right, there’s Big Jake, Chester, Jenny, and Joe Kidd. Yes, I name all our cows and calves. What? Doesn’t everyone?

You can satisfy your own curiosity, and hop on over to Cutting Corners College and get the free tutorial. The quilt measures 60″ x 78″ finished, and it’s really easy, I promise!

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  1. Very nice quilt Shelly! I always love your color choices too! That is a very good horse to stand so still while that quilt was blowing, not so sure mine would of stood for that. Cute, cute names for the calves, I love how curious they are. Thanks for sharing, I always enjoy your ranch pics and thanks for hooking us up with the free pattern!

  2. Your Cowboy is such a trooper 😉 Absolutely beautiful quilt!!

  3. Ok – there you are! Its all good now! 🙂 Yeppers, definitely have to make that one!! Now I need a bigger Shelly box! You should see how excited I am! I love it! Wouldn’t that be the cutest quilt in the 4-H fair?
    Hope y’all receive some much needed rain and nope, can’t name all of our calves. We’re talking 1000 babies here! Off to print that pattern – thank you lady!

  4. Can’t wait to see this quilt. I think I will make it, too. Tooooo cute!

  5. Wow Shelly what a great quilt!

  6. Great quilt Shelly! The blocks are perfect to go with the applique!

  7. Great quilt. We’ve been having lots of wind here but no rain–oh, yeah, smoke from wildfires. Despite the wind, I appreciate your efforts to share the quilt with us!

  8. The horse does not look impressed. Too bad, because I am. That is a fun quilt!

  9. Love it!

  10. That quilt is really super cute! Good job, Shelly! And that is one good horse to stand so nicely with the blanket flapping in the wind like that!

  11. Thanks for the great quilt pattern. I saw your post at RBD and dropped by your blog. We live on my brother’s cow-calf cattle ranch in Florida. My father, uncles, grandfather, and greatgrandfather were all cattlemen too. Rarely do I see good quilt patterns for “cowboys” like yours.

  12. I love it! Chip and your cowboy are doing wonderful! The Hunter sure wouldn’t pose with a quilt if I asked him! LOL

  13. LOL – it’s good you didn’t have the horse I used to have when I was younger – that quilt flappin’ in the breeze would’ve sent him bolting into the next state! That is a nice quilt, and I love the subject! 🙂

  14. Beautiful quilt – but AMAZING horse!!!!

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