MQS 2012

I can hardly believe it’s already been almost two weeks since I was at the Machine Quilter’s Showcase. I’ve been busy! And things have been a blur.

All I can say about the show is WOW! The quilts were amazing. The quilting on them made me want to come home and haul my longarm to the ditch.

But then I remembered what Angela told me: “Don’t ever compare yourself to others!”, and I’d have probably received some sort of lecture if she knew I had been thinking like that. So I banished those thoughts . . . really, Angela — they’re banished . . .

And I’ve been quilting like a fiend ever since. If practice makes perfect, well . . . I have a long row to hoe, but I’m on my way.

Anyway, about the show . . . I hung out with my friend, Bari, all day. We walked through all the vendors and all the quilts, and I think we were both on overload by the time she had to leave to go home. It was a lot to take in. And poor Bari probably got tired of all my questions. For her, it was probably like attending the show with a 5-year-old!

My fellow guild members, Alice and Susan, had a quilt in the show! I’m so proud of them!

This is the quilt Alice designed for our raffle quilt last year. Alice put it together, and Susan quilted it.

And that’s the only picture I took all day. Once again, I just wandered around with my chin on the floor, too in awe to use the camera.

Before the day was over, I did get to accomplish one goal of mine. That goal was to meet, live and in person, one of my longarming idols — McLisa Sipes!

When I found her she was wearing a pink princess tiara, complete with flashing lights, and a Princess sash, given to her by her friend, Thomas. She may or may not have been carrying a wand.

She let me hang with her for a while, and we looked at some more stuff at the show. And instead of slapping me when I asked her what her favorite color is, she just rolled her eyes.

Then I stalked her the rest of the weekend at Market . . .

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  1. You are so much better than you know, dear Shelly. I hope that deep down, somewhere inside your soul screams to you that you’re wonderful. Because you are!
    And I agree with Angela. You can’t compare yourself to others. Not only because it isn’t fair to you, but it also isn’t fair to them. We all have our own style, and it’s ours. My style is mine, your style is yours. And you are very good at what you do. Do you hear me? Very good!
    Now, in remembrance of walking the show together, I just have to say, “yaaaaaaaaaaaaay!” (I told you I say it as often as I type it) 🙂

  2. Ha ha! I had a blast, Shelly! It was great…and I was with you on the thought of using my long arm for a boat anchor, so thank you and your friends for reminding me that we all have our own style and strengths. I just wish I had time to play!

    The rest of your day sounds wonderful, and I really would have loved to meet McLisa as she is a quilting wonderwoman and is a hoot to boot! I can’t even imagine hanging with the two of you….oh my!

    I haven’t even taken time to blog….want the kids for a week and maybe I can catch up?

    I had fun and look forward to getting together again!

  3. I bet it was a great show! I got the backing fabric for you yesterday, prepared my back, and will put it in the mail to you today. Hope all is well. I’m still recovering from Seattle!

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