Hands of Friendship 2012 Show

My home guild just had its 27th Annual quilt show last weekend.

If you were anywhere near Kirksville, MO, and got to come see it in person, you had a treat. We had 138 quilts in the show, plus many more on display.

Our theme this year was “Springtime in Paris”, so we had little French-themed decorations strewn throughout the show area, mostly thanks to my friend, Rose Marie, who has a flair for decorating.

We had a display of our Community Service quilts, and each of our 7 vendors had quilts on display, as well as goodies for sale.

Our bedturning this year was devoted to the memory of one of our founding members, Reva Selby, who passed away last November. Reva was a wonderful quilter, and we had many of her quilts to show, thanks to her family. The family came to watch the bedturning and see their mother’s/grandmother’s quilts:

Next to the bedturning was another display of quilts from another of our founding members who passed away just a few weeks ago. Vera Lile was an art teacher for over 20 years. In fact, she was my brother and sister’s grade school art teacher, AND the grade school art teacher to both of my own daughters, that’s how long she was there!

It’s sad that Reva and Vera are gone now, and our guild will really miss them.

Our raffle quilt was the first quilt you could see as you came through the door. It was won by the brother of one of our members, so we know it will have a good home. I’ll tell you more about the raffle quilt soon.

For now, here are some highlights from our show.

We have 11 categories in our show, and our awards are strictly Viewer’s Choice — there is no judging. So what you see is what the attendees of our show voted as their favorite quilts from the weekend display.

Small Art Quilts/Wallhangings (up to 36″ wide), Michele Breault, with “Nine Patch Stars”. Tiny pieces, hand quilted. Michele does wonderful handwork.

Large Art Quilts/Wallhangings (over 36″ wide), Sharon Pfeiffer, with “Southwest Memories”:

Baby/Youth Themed Quilts, Lori Smith Patterson, with “Little Girl With the Wild Hair”:

Youth Quilter (made by quilters under age 18), Ashley Hulet, with “Venetian Reflections” (quilted by Joan Harrison):

Hand Quilted, Michele Breault, with “Quilt As You Go”. Another stunning work from the hands of Michele:

Computer Guided Machine Quilted, Cathy Poyner, with “Bon Voyage” (quilted by Wanda Cagle):

Hand Guided Machine Quilted, Pieced (up to 82″ wide), Katy Kitchen, with “Hazel’s Diary Quilt” (quilted by ME — that’s my sister’s quilt!):

Hand Guided Machine Quilted, Pieced (over 82″ wide), Alice Allinson, with “Amazon Star”. The picture does NOT do this quilt justice. For one thing, it’s huge, so it couldn’t even be displayed full out, and the machine quilting she put on it is absolutely amazing, and it doesn’t even show in this picture.

Machine Quilted, Mixed Technique, Kathy East, with “Hands Around the World” (quilted by Joan Harrison). An extra word about this quilt: I told Kathy I’m as proud of this quilt as if I did it myself.

Here’s Kathy’s story about it:

“On April 14, 2007, I attended a class taught by Shelly Pagliai in Kirksville, on how to design a quilt. The quilt I designed has ladies’ gloves hand sewn onto various size blocks, with the blocks gauged to the size of the gloves. The fabrics are from our travels in the states and also Europe. When I was unable to purchase cotton fabric by the yard in European countries, I purchased man-sized cotton handkerchiefs and used those for the blocks. Instead of sashing, I used black grosgrain ribbon put through a ‘tape maker’ to frame the blocks. Each fabric is identified as to the origin of purchase. ‘Hands Around the World’ boasts a center block with two different gloves shaking hands. Many of the gloves are embellished with beads, fancy stitching, lace, or buttons and one pair is hand-crocheted. It was completed in April 2012.”

It’s always so wonderful to see one of your students make something that means so much! I’m so proud of her! She said: “It only took me five years!”

Quilt Guild Challenge 2012, Crayon Challenge, Lori Smith Patterson, with “Crayon Challenge — Sky Blue”:

Antique, Liz Mills, with “Double Wedding Ring”:

That’s all the first-place winners in each of the 11 categories, but I have a few more shots from the show for you . . .

Makenzie Couch, granddaughter of my friend, Rose Marie, made her first quilt over the last year, and she entered it in the show this time. I think she’s destined to be quite the imaginative little artist. She colored blocks with crayons and set them into her own design, and it’s named “Life on the Messed Up Farm with the Rapid Pink-Eyed Cow”. She won a third-place ribbon in her category.

When members had some down time, they gathered in the bedturning area to stitch together. Behind them is Vera’s quilt display, the only shot of it I got.

This is a quilt that belongs to my friend, Kay. It won third place in its category.

I quilted it for her, so I took some pictures of it as it was hanging. I had forgotten how I had quilted this, it seems so long ago!

This is another Hazel’s Diary Quilt made by my friend and fellow QQB member, Marge. Her colors are completely different from any of the others, and it has such a cozy, warm look about it. I also quilted this one for her, but the quilting doesn’t even show up.

I did get my Crayon Challenge finished in time to enter it, but I forgot to even take a picture of it hanging there!

Just me bein’ me . . .

And that’s the recap of our 2012 quilt show. I hope you’ve enjoyed the quilts!

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  1. Some great quilts! Love how your sister’s turned out and congrats to both of you! I really like the other Hazel’s Diary quilt! I also love the Hands Around the World and the story that goes with it! That Amazon Star is amazing. Wow. What a great show!

  2. The quilts are wonderful! I love how both the Hazel’s Diary quilts turned out….so different but both beautiful. Thanks for sharing the story on the Hands Around the World quilt – that is quite a treasure!

    Fun and a great show!

  3. The bed turning is a great idea. I’m one of those quilters that enjoys the modern quilts as much as I do the traditional ones, and I love a good quilt show (ANY quilt show!)

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