News From the Studio, Episode 920

I’ve been making My Cowboy do things for me. Honestly, I try to do them myself, but it gets too painful for him to watch, and he ends up taking over . . .

So now I have a new pegboard to store all my machine quilting thread:

I need to go to town and buy some more pegs, since the meager few I had to start out with are already full. (I also won’t mention how much thread is still left in the drawer and needs to be hung up here!) I wanted to have just one spool per peg, but I got all these longer pegs given to me, so how could I turn them down? Soon I’ll get some more and get it all organized by type and color, but this is a start.

My plea for red scraps for my checkerboard quilt worked! I mean, when I ask for pieces so small that anyone else would probably throw them away anyway, why wouldn’t they just send them on to me? It just makes sense . . .

Katie sent me a pile:

And Karin sent me a whole bunch, already cut! I’ve already been stitching them up:

I’ve been in “fling mode” in the studio since mid-March, and it’s a total disaster in here. Now that Market and our local quilt show are over, I’ve been trying to clean up and organize a little.

Seems I make a good start, then I find something that makes me say “I forgot all about that!”, and I sit down at the sewing machine and sew instead of clean. But that never happens to you, does it?

As I’m cleaning, my mind runs a million miles an hour, and I’m making a list, so now I have an even bigger To-Do list than I had before.

See what cleaning causes?

And what I really wanna do is start a new quilt . . . or two . . . or three . . . an intervention may be necessary.

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  1. I’ll be bringing you some more red squares when I come up. I’ve been cutting them and placing them in a bag. I have been trying to do the 15 min of cleaning the scrap bin (aka galvanized wash tub) a day, but I always end up doing longer… I spent 5 hours and I am still not done. Gasp!

  2. The best reward for finishing a project…is a NEW project.

  3. Nah, that never happens to me–at least it doesn’t when I’m sleeping. However, it’s a different story when I’m trying to clean up.

  4. I swapped some purple charms for some red fabric. It was a good swap for me 🙂

  5. Love your peg board. Sorry if I missed it or forgot that you asked for reds. I totally could have sent you some. If I remember (or if you prompt me), I’ll try to bring you some in July!

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