Lessons on Cattle

My sister was babysitting our brother’s 4-year-old granddaughter the other night, and they were outside watering the flowers. LaneyB began counting the cattle in the pens behind the house.

Katy said she likes when Laney counts because they always end up with more cattle than they really have!

Katy decided to teach Laney a little about the cattle she was counting, so she told her: “See the ones in this pen? Those are girls, so they’re called ‘heifers’.”

Laney repeated: “Heifers.”

Katy: “And those over there in that pen are boys, so they’re called ‘steers’.”

Laney repeated: “Steers.”

Laney decided she wanted to tell Denny (Katy’s husband) what she had learned when they went back inside. So they went over it again: girls are “heifers” and boys are “steers”.

Back in the house, she runs to tell Denny the results of her lesson on cattle. She climbs up on his lap, and says: “Uncle Denny, boy cows are called ‘steelers’, and girl cows are called ‘stuffers’!”

I’m pretty sure from now on, we’ll be calling our cattle “stuffers” and “steelers”. Things like that just stick . . .

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  1. I love it!

  2. So cute! Love those little ones!

  3. Yep! Another one to add to the family dictionary! I’m sure y’all will find a way to work it into the wedding toast when Laney gets married too! Too cute!

  4. Too funny! I love it.

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