We Had Visitors!

That rarely happens around here.

Usually because there’s not that much to see, and not a lot going on, especially when it’s really hot or really cold.

And it’s been really hot lately.

And dry.

We need rain. Badly.

One of my high-school classmates, Cindy (and we won’t say how long ago that was) lives in the city, but still owns a farm up here, so she brought two of her three kids up with her to spend a week doing things at their farm.

Things such as cleaning up brush, and mowing, and stuff like that.

I’m glad she didn’t invite me to her place!

I told Cindy before she came up that if the kids wanted to go horseback riding, to just bring them on out.

So when they got settled in, they called and said they’d like to ride.

When it’s this hot, we do our riding early in the morning or right before dark, to make it easier on the horses (and the cows, if we’re working them). OK, and easier on us, too!

So they came out early the next morning, we got the horses all tacked up, and off they went.

They took turns, and Sarah went first.

She’s mounted . . .

She’s moving . . . (Bonnie’s a good “babysitter”, and was displaying that trait quite profoundly at this moment. She always takes really good care of her passenger.)

And they’re finally off!

I told Cindy not to worry, Sarah wouldn’t get bucked off — because bucking takes way more energy than Bonnie wants to expend!

After their trip around . . .

. . . I think she was getting the hang of it.

Then it was Mark’s turn.

Bonnie was completely astounded that she had to go for a second round. That never happens! She took Mark through the gate and right into her “parking spot” to be untacked.

Not so fast! She ended up having to make that other round so Mark could have his turn.

They must have had fun, because they came back the next evening to ride again!

Cindy brought me some red squares for my red & cream checkerboard quilt.

And they made me this darling scissors fob, complete with a cowboy boot on it! I love it, and it has already made my embroidery scissors much easier to locate on the mess of a table I work on.

I talked to Cindy after they got home, and Sarah already wants to come back. “Mom, they said we could come back any time!”

We did! And we meant it.

They’ll be back up in July sometime.

Bonnie will still be here.

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  1. How nice of you to take your friends on a ride, Bonnie is a beautiful horse. I think we have the same heat here in Arkansas as you are having, it was 104 yesterday and that is not the heat index! I love the scissors fob, it is darling, I am always searching for my scissors amongst my mess on my table, this would make it much easier to find!

  2. Thanks for having us! The kids had a blast and Sarah hasn’t stopped talking about it yet. Kind of doubt she ever will. 🙂 You are ALWAYS welcome either at the farm or down here. I thought the idea of the scissors fob was for identifying them when quilting with others, but I actually use it more for finding them while sewing at home. Plus, they are fun to make.

  3. That looks like fun. I miss my cowgirl days. Sigh. Bonnie does look like a good babysitter. Our Frank was like that. He’d even step around a tree wide if he thought their leg was going to hit it. Good horse. Our friend had a horse, Sleepy, that would also take good care of passengers….even if they were drunk and leaning off to one side. LOL. Ask me how I know.

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