The Perkins Fans

I’ve known our local Postmaster since I was little. In fact, I can’t ever remember NOT knowing him. He’s just always been around. His name is Dennis.

He used to carry the mail on foot around town, and lived just around the corner from my grandmother’s house.

The years bring change, though, and now Dennis is the Postmaster and doesn’t have to make the foot route any more. He lives catty-corner from the church where my parents got married, in a wonderful old house that used to be owned by a man named Grit Stevens.

My brother used to deliver GRIT magazine on his bicycle when we were young, and Grit Stevens was one of his customers. I always thought it was funny that Grit bought GRIT!

Dennis knows that I quilt, and I’m sure he’s overheard many a conversation right there in the post office between me and people inquiring about what I do.

So one day, he asked me if I could help finish up some quilt tops that he and his wife are in possession of. They’re antiques . . . (the quilt tops, not Dennis and his wife!)

Well, of course I can — it’s what I do!

So he brought me the first one, and wow! — it’s gorgeous and very impressive!

It’s a Grandmother’s Fan.

Each fan block finishes at only 5 3/4″. There are 11 blades in each little fan. The assortment of fabrics is astonishing. I had so much fun just looking at the fabrics.

And according to Barbara Brackman’s Encyclopedia of Pieced Quilt Patterns, this particular setting for the fans is called “Rocky Road to Jerico”.

I opted for quilting it fairly heavily, to give it stability and make it lay really flat. Those are feathers, of a sort, in the background areas, and I did them all freehand.

Whoever pieced it did a wonderful job, and it’s all hand pieced. Amazing!

I had Dennis ask his wife what color backing she wanted on it, secretly hoping she’d choose pink. However, she chose the green, and once I was done, I realized it was a much better (perfect) choice.

I love the green backing. It’s a 1930’s reproduction solid, and it was spot-on for an exact color match with the green on the front.

I also used the same green solid for the binding.

Here’s the quilt all finished, and Dennis says Marcia is happy with it. It measures 68″ x 91″, so it’s a good twin size.

When I delivered it to him, he just took the sack and laid it down. I said: “Aren’t you gonna look at it and let me know what you think?”

He said: “Well, I don’t know what I’m supposed to think.”

I laughed and said: “Oh, so you’re just gonna take it home and let Marcia tell you what to think?”

He said: “Don’t you think that’s what I otta do?”

Such a wise man!

I just love turning a quilt top that was abandoned into a finished quilt that will be treasured. If they decide to give me another one to finish, I can hardly wait to see what it’s like!

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  1. That’s gorgeous. Love the feathers.

  2. Great job on the quilting, Shelly!! It’s gorgeous!!

  3. What a beautiful top! You did a great job complimenting the pattern with your quilting!! 😀

  4. Oh Shelly this quilt is beautiful and your quilting is just spectacular!!! Love the green backing and how the quilting is showcased. Cute story too about Dennis and Marcia 😉

  5. I love the quilting you did…and free-hand…very impressive 🙂 Absolutely beautiful!!!

  6. What an awesome post (I read it in your “accent” btw–in my head at least!) Too funny, and the quilt is a stunner!

  7. The quilt is absolutely beautiful Shelly. You did an awesome job of quilting it. I love those old quilt tops!

  8. Great work! The quilting really compliments the piecing.

  9. It’s beautiful! The Quilt and the quilting!

  10. I’m so jealous!!!!!!!!!!!! It looks fabulous, dahling!

  11. Oh, Shelly! The quilt was gorgeous to start with, but you made it absolutely stunning. Your quilting is perfect. I love it. I wish that was my quilt. You tell Dennis I tell him he better love it! 😉

  12. That is absolutely gorgeous–from the front and the back. The feathers are perfect for it.

  13. I love your quilting on this, Shelly, and it looks beautiful on the green back!

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