News From The Ranch, Episode 937

It’s HOT!

Stinkin’ hot!

Triple-digit stinkin’ hot every day.

And very, very dry . . .

We need rain badly.

The price of hay has gone ridiculous (making me wish I had some to sell!).

All of our babies are finally here. No more pregnant mommies. Every single one of them healthy and happy, which makes us very happy, too!

Triple-K was the last to pop. She hid that baby really well.

Baby? What baby?

Oh, THAT baby! Would you looky there!?

At my friend, Cindy’s, suggestion, the new baby has been dubbed Calamity Jane.

Oh, and lest you think Triple-K stands for something else, it really stands for “Katy Kitchen’s Kow” because we got her from my sister.

Have I mentioned we need rain?

And that it’s stinkin’ hot?

Big Dan had a major setback after his kidney ordeal, and spent all last week in the animal hospital. While at first, Gidget didn’t mind him being gone, she eventually missed him, and demanded to know what I’d done with him. And she’s serious!

We came real close to losing him, but our vet never gave up on him, and Big Dan is home now, and although he’s not quite back to his normal playful carefree self, he’s hopefully on the mend for real this time. I feel like I should bake the vet some cookies!

Big Dan wasn’t the only one in the hospital last week, either. My Cowboy suffered a mild heart attack last Monday night, and had to take a helicopter ride to the emergency room. He’s also home now and on rest for a few more days.

I’ve had enough of doctors, and hospitals, and not getting to quilt!

And the heat . . .

And the lack of rain . . .

Did I mention how dry it is?

Thanks to all of you who sent messages and well wishes and missed me! It’s nice to know someone worries when I disappear for a bit.

I’ve got lots of things to tell you about, so I hope to get at that over the next few days.

How have YOU been?

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  1. Shelly, so sorry to hear of your Cowboy’s heart attack! Glad that he is back home recuperating. You are both in our prayers!

  2. Oh, Shelly, as you know, I’m very sorry to hear about Cowboy. Big hugs to you. It is so dry and hot here. Our lawn is completely dead. It looks like crap. The only thing green is the weeds. I’m watering my plants, but they’re not hanging in there very well. Missing you.

  3. Oh no Shelly – big scare from your Cowboy! Hope you both have some smooth sailing now. Hot here too, but can’t complain when we’re on the lake. Take care.

  4. The drought is so hard. It wears on people, and cows, and cats…take care.

  5. So sorry to hear about your Cowboy and not having a good week. Wishing your Cowboy and Big Dan speedy recoveries. Glad to hear everyone is back home! The weather is so sad everywhere you turn! It’s been quite warm here in MN, but I know we do not have it near as bad as other parts of the country do. Take care–I’m sure you probably have had your hands full taking care of the animals and such due to your Cowboy’s situation–make sure to get some rest yourself!.

  6. I hope your Cowboy is feeling much better and that you’re getting rest yourself.

    We’ve gotten a little rain in Colorado but our lawn is still mostly dead. I recently had the opportunity to water a neighbor’s beautiful plants while they were out of town and was amazed by the amount of water it used. We’ve only been watering the edibles in our garden beds and hoping the rest does all right

  7. Good gravy! I’m so sorry to hear about your Cowboy and Big Dan. I hope that your patients are recuperating and on their way to being ornery…again. 🙂 Sending healing prayers along with prayers for rain. We’re in desperate need as well. Called to price some hay and went to look at some. $330/ton. You have got to be kidding! Ouch! Hope things are settling down for you.

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