July Guild Meeting

In all the hubbub of last week’s events, I still managed to make it to guild meeting, but only by the skin of my teeth.

They had me scheduled to present the program, and I was going to teach them all English Paper Piecing, and since I hadn’t given them any time to come up with an alternate program, I felt I really needed to be there and do it like I said I would.

We were moving My Cowboy from one hospital to another, so I just made him go with me since it was on the way. Was it mean of me to make him go along and wait for me to attend the meeting and give the program before continuing on our way?

He was a good sport about it.

The meeting was pretty short, since we’re not in the middle of any big things right now. The show is over, retreat is a ways off, and it was Fair Week in Kirksville, so some of the members were absent for that reason.

And we still had lots of show and tell!

Here’s Rose Marie with her Bonnie Hunter Mystery Quilt, Old Tobacco Road:

Liz showed a little patriotic wall hanging:

Joan’s 6-year-old granddaughter pieced her first quilt while visiting her grandmother this summer! They used one of the Project Linus free patterns.

Elsie showed an old family heirloom signature quilt that she recently got possession of:

Here’s a close-up of some of it. It’s wonderful.

Kathy’s husband made this quilt for a firefighter friend of theirs who lost his home in a fire and was badly burned in the process.

Susan finished a quilt from a workshop she had taken previously:

Sorry for the terrible pictures, but the room setup makes it very difficult to get good shots of show and tell.

When show & tell was over, I handed out little kits, and they all set to learning how to English paper piece. Look at them all working so hard!

And I think there are some new converts to the technique. It makes a great carry-around project!

Then I skedaddled on out of there so My Cowboy and I could continue our journey. He seemed none the worse for wear, having had to wait on me.

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Springtime in Paris

The theme for my guild’s 27th Annual show this past weekend was “Springtime in Paris”.

We decorated with little vignettes all throughout the show area, each containing items with a French flair, such as a white wrought-iron patio table with a wire basket holding a loaf of French bread sitting next to a bottle of French wine, or hat boxes and draped toile. We tried to put little French touches throughout the space.

Early in the planning stages, we even decided our raffle quilt could match our theme. So I designed a medallion quilt that has some piecing and some applique, and we chose soft, springlike colors, and came up with “Springtime in Paris”, the quilt!

I’ve turned “Springtime in Paris” into a pattern, so if you really love this quilt, you can now make one for yourself!

The pattern comes with full-sized applique templates, and complete instructions for making the 86″ x 86″ quilt as shown. We used the “Buttercup” line by Joanna Figueroa of Fig Tree Quilts by Moda for our quilt, along with Moda Bella Ivory solid for the background.

My committee members worked hard to see this quilt finished. Rose Marie pieced the 64 blocks needed for the setting. I did the applique, and set it all together, Marsha provided the backing and batting and did the binding on the finished quilt, and Bonnie HAND QUILTED it for us!

I’d love to see it done in some richer colors with toiles, or even a black and white version.

When I showed the completed top to My Cowboy, I asked him if it looked spring-like, and he said: “Yeh, and it looks all French, too. It’s got them La Fleurs all over it!” So I guess we met our goal of making it look like “Springtime in Paris”, if even a cowboy can guess!

The pattern is available in either a printed version, or as a PDF file, and is available now in my Etsy Shop.

However, as usual, I’m giving away two copies of the pattern here on my blog to celebrate the design’s debut. All you have to do to enter is leave a comment on this post before noon on Saturday. I’ll draw for two winners on Saturday, June 9th.

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Hands of Friendship 2012 Show

My home guild just had its 27th Annual quilt show last weekend.

If you were anywhere near Kirksville, MO, and got to come see it in person, you had a treat. We had 138 quilts in the show, plus many more on display.

Our theme this year was “Springtime in Paris”, so we had little French-themed decorations strewn throughout the show area, mostly thanks to my friend, Rose Marie, who has a flair for decorating.

We had a display of our Community Service quilts, and each of our 7 vendors had quilts on display, as well as goodies for sale.

Our bedturning this year was devoted to the memory of one of our founding members, Reva Selby, who passed away last November. Reva was a wonderful quilter, and we had many of her quilts to show, thanks to her family. The family came to watch the bedturning and see their mother’s/grandmother’s quilts:

Next to the bedturning was another display of quilts from another of our founding members who passed away just a few weeks ago. Vera Lile was an art teacher for over 20 years. In fact, she was my brother and sister’s grade school art teacher, AND the grade school art teacher to both of my own daughters, that’s how long she was there!

It’s sad that Reva and Vera are gone now, and our guild will really miss them.

Our raffle quilt was the first quilt you could see as you came through the door. It was won by the brother of one of our members, so we know it will have a good home. I’ll tell you more about the raffle quilt soon.

For now, here are some highlights from our show.

We have 11 categories in our show, and our awards are strictly Viewer’s Choice — there is no judging. So what you see is what the attendees of our show voted as their favorite quilts from the weekend display.

Small Art Quilts/Wallhangings (up to 36″ wide), Michele Breault, with “Nine Patch Stars”. Tiny pieces, hand quilted. Michele does wonderful handwork.

Large Art Quilts/Wallhangings (over 36″ wide), Sharon Pfeiffer, with “Southwest Memories”:

Baby/Youth Themed Quilts, Lori Smith Patterson, with “Little Girl With the Wild Hair”:

Youth Quilter (made by quilters under age 18), Ashley Hulet, with “Venetian Reflections” (quilted by Joan Harrison):

Hand Quilted, Michele Breault, with “Quilt As You Go”. Another stunning work from the hands of Michele:

Computer Guided Machine Quilted, Cathy Poyner, with “Bon Voyage” (quilted by Wanda Cagle):

Hand Guided Machine Quilted, Pieced (up to 82″ wide), Katy Kitchen, with “Hazel’s Diary Quilt” (quilted by ME — that’s my sister’s quilt!):

Hand Guided Machine Quilted, Pieced (over 82″ wide), Alice Allinson, with “Amazon Star”. The picture does NOT do this quilt justice. For one thing, it’s huge, so it couldn’t even be displayed full out, and the machine quilting she put on it is absolutely amazing, and it doesn’t even show in this picture.

Machine Quilted, Mixed Technique, Kathy East, with “Hands Around the World” (quilted by Joan Harrison). An extra word about this quilt: I told Kathy I’m as proud of this quilt as if I did it myself.

Here’s Kathy’s story about it:

“On April 14, 2007, I attended a class taught by Shelly Pagliai in Kirksville, on how to design a quilt. The quilt I designed has ladies’ gloves hand sewn onto various size blocks, with the blocks gauged to the size of the gloves. The fabrics are from our travels in the states and also Europe. When I was unable to purchase cotton fabric by the yard in European countries, I purchased man-sized cotton handkerchiefs and used those for the blocks. Instead of sashing, I used black grosgrain ribbon put through a ‘tape maker’ to frame the blocks. Each fabric is identified as to the origin of purchase. ‘Hands Around the World’ boasts a center block with two different gloves shaking hands. Many of the gloves are embellished with beads, fancy stitching, lace, or buttons and one pair is hand-crocheted. It was completed in April 2012.”

It’s always so wonderful to see one of your students make something that means so much! I’m so proud of her! She said: “It only took me five years!”

Quilt Guild Challenge 2012, Crayon Challenge, Lori Smith Patterson, with “Crayon Challenge — Sky Blue”:

Antique, Liz Mills, with “Double Wedding Ring”:

That’s all the first-place winners in each of the 11 categories, but I have a few more shots from the show for you . . .

Makenzie Couch, granddaughter of my friend, Rose Marie, made her first quilt over the last year, and she entered it in the show this time. I think she’s destined to be quite the imaginative little artist. She colored blocks with crayons and set them into her own design, and it’s named “Life on the Messed Up Farm with the Rapid Pink-Eyed Cow”. She won a third-place ribbon in her category.

When members had some down time, they gathered in the bedturning area to stitch together. Behind them is Vera’s quilt display, the only shot of it I got.

This is a quilt that belongs to my friend, Kay. It won third place in its category.

I quilted it for her, so I took some pictures of it as it was hanging. I had forgotten how I had quilted this, it seems so long ago!

This is another Hazel’s Diary Quilt made by my friend and fellow QQB member, Marge. Her colors are completely different from any of the others, and it has such a cozy, warm look about it. I also quilted this one for her, but the quilting doesn’t even show up.

I did get my Crayon Challenge finished in time to enter it, but I forgot to even take a picture of it hanging there!

Just me bein’ me . . .

And that’s the recap of our 2012 quilt show. I hope you’ve enjoyed the quilts!

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Marathon Sewing

That’s what I did all last weekend.

Our Modern Quilt Guild, the Pecan Valley Quilt Guild, hosted a member retreat, and let me just say right now how much fun I had. Oh. My. Goodness!

There were about a dozen of us there, and we chose secret stitcher sisters and passed out secret goodies to each other all weekend, we played strip poker (with fabric strips — get your mind out of the gutter!), and we played other games and ate way too much the entire time. And we sewed! We all sewed our little hearts out.

If only I myself would run as many miles as my sewing machine did this past weekend, I’d be thin as a rail!

Here’s a recap for you . . .

Stuff We Made

Barbara’s Batik Stars quilt . . .

Michelle’s Block of the Month . . .

RoseAnne’s Block of the Month . . . (same quilt, different colors – amazing, huh?)

Jeannette’s Block of the Month . . .

Stephanie’s Christmas Scrap Quilt . . .

Donna’s quilt (made from a lady’s aprons) — she’s adding inked-on line drawings to all the white spaces. This quilt will be amazing!

RoseAnne’s SnowBound Block of the Month . . .

My second Jelly Roll quilt . . .

Norma’s Star Quilt . . .

Stuff We Did

We played Strip Poker. I know absolutely nothing about cards, but I still came out ahead in the end!

We had Mexican delivered, and the girls broke out the wine and we chowed down.

Mother and daughter worked together on t-shirt quilts . . .

I had my own little station set up. That’s my pile of FIVE completed quilt tops on the corner of the table!

Stuff We Said

You know I couldn’t resist collecting quotes from this event, right?

Here they are:

“Note to self: Don’t wear a t-shirt from home when you’re out of town.”

“I don’t understand all I know about what goes on there.”

“When I was young, we called that ‘pot’.”

“I play poker every time I go to the bathroom at home. Sometimes you get a royal flush.”

“I don’t take Prozac, but I’ve made sure everyone around me does.”

“I thought she said ‘porn’.”

“I’m gonna be unhappy tomorrow, but I’m happy now.”

“That’s the first time I got confused.”

“I don’t need that tool — it’s just a way for me to screw up even faster.”

Stuff I Got To Do That I Can’t Do Where I Live

Shop at a Wal-Mart Super Center at 5:00 am.

Get pizza delivered.

Get Mexican delivered.

Finish 5 quilt tops in 46 hours.

Watch TV.

Walk across the street to a restaurant.

Sew with 11 other people and talk and laugh non-stop.

Stuff I Came Back Home To

Reality . . .

An overflowing trash can

Unscooped litterboxes

An overstuffed laundry hamper

A sink full of dirty dishes


My animals, who all missed me (or at least said they did)

My Cowboy, who I missed, and who waits on me hand and foot and spoils me rotten

Our little ranch shack on our wonderful farm . . .

And my studio . . .

And a new baby . . .

As much fun as I had, I’m still so glad to be home.

You can see some more pictures on the quilt guild’s web site: Pecan Valley Quilt Guild

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A Challenge Complete

Every other month, my modern guild offers the members a challenge.

In November, we did a fat quarter swap. Everyone who wanted to participate brought 5 coordinating fat quarters, and we went home with someone else’s 5 coordinating fat quarters.

The challenge was to use fabric you wouldn’t normally buy or use to make something. You had to use at least some of each one of your fat quarters.

We had to have our project done for the January meeting, which was last night.

At the December meeting, it was announced that our guild has adopted a charity project, and they will take lots of different things, such as pillowcases, fleece blankets, and quilts (up to lap size).

So I decided to make my challenge project into something I could also donate to the charity project.

I found this pattern . . .

. . . in this magazine . . .

and gathered up these fabrics. (My 5 original fat quarters are the ones on the left.)

The pattern called for making 2 different blocks, but I chose to only make one of them, and then turn it as I alternated them. This made it easier for me to cut, without quite so much thinking, since yes, I didn’t start until New Year’s Eve, and I was getting short on time! So unlike me, right?

I got the blocks done, and then swindled My Cowboy into arranging them on the design wall for me. THAT was the entertaining part. Before it was over, he made a request: “Next time you get ready to sew a bunch of pieces together, consult me first!”

I think he did a great job! And guess who I swindled into holding it up so I could take a picture? See his boots peeking out from under? . . .

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News From The Ranch, Episode 814

Things have been crazy busy around here!

Here’s some of what I’ve been up to . . .

It was a sad day, but I sold my poor old Jimmy. At almost 267,000 miles, the transmission went out, so we decided it was best to just retire him.

And it was a happy day when I replaced the poor old Jimmy with this! (Which already needs to be washed . . .)

Yes, that is a saddle on the ground by the truck. And look what’s inside it!

Tiger seems to think it’s a good kitty tent. And isn’t Tiger a cutie? He was so scrawny and . . . well, I’ll just say it . . . ugly . . . when he was smaller. Sickly, too. I wasn’t sure I could doctor him enough that he’d make it. But it worked, and he did, and he’s grown up to be one of the most beautiful cats on the farm. And with his winter coat on, he’s so snuggly and cute. I just want to squeeze him all the time! He doesn’t mind at all — he’s still lobbying to become an indoor cat.

The Wild West Scavenger Hunt is still going on. There is still plenty of time for you to play the game, get the free pattern, have some fun, and help out a good cause if you so choose. It doesn’t end until January 31, 2012, so hop on over there and get to playing!

The saddle was on the ground because My Cowboy was headed out to get some work done while the sun was shining. The sunshine was deceiving, however, because it was still pretty cold. He had lots of help getting ready:

And after getting saddled up and bundled up, off they went, the four of them . . . because we all know that Chip and My Cowboy can’t possibly get enough work done without the help of Skeeter and Blueberry!

And I went back inside to quilt!

I finished my quilt top for the Little Forest Quilt-Along that Stephanie hosted over at Peas in a Pod a while back. I still don’t have it quilted, and I can’t really say when that part will happen, either.

I’ve knitted six scarves recently. Two for this charity. Four like this:

I went to my Modern Quilt Guild‘s Christmas party. Here we are after all the festivities:

Our block exchange challenge this past month was to make blocks like these. Michelle won the entire set of blocks, so she’s going to have a great modern Christmas quilt for next year!

And no matter what I’m doing, I have a helper named Big Dan. He cannot stand to be left out of any activity that’s going on, and once I’ve settled in to whatever I’m working on, he feels free to play and explore on his own, or take a nap. And he’s an expert at those things!

I’m a little confused as to what he’s trying to tell me here. Either he’s doing early auditions for next year’s Halloween costume, or he’s trying to convince us to wrap him up and give him to someone else for Christmas. Honestly, how could he be happy anywhere else? He’s the King of this here ranch shack. What more could a kitty ask for? But I do know that Tiger would take his place in a heartbeat!

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Brunswick Pecan Festival

Back on October 1, I had the pleasure of attending the Brunswick Pecan Festival, in Brunswick, MO. Brunswick is the home of the World’s Largest Pecan.

Brunswick is also the home of Sew Sweet Quilt Shop, where the Pecan Valley Quilt Guild (of which I am a proud member) meets monthly. Our guild had a quilt show in conjunction with the Pecan Festival, and I wasn’t about to miss it.

There were 74 entries in the show, and the building where we held it is recently renovated and is absolutely gorgeous. It just opened the day before the quilt show. It even smelled all new inside!

I didn’t take individual pictures of the quilts, but I got a couple overall shots of the entire show. Here’s Michelle and Sandra working at the door collecting Viewer’s Choice ballots.

We also held a Silent Auction during the show to raise money for us to do some charity work with.

Outside on the streets,

both sides were lined with vendors of all kinds,

as far as you could see in both directions:

crafts, services, merchandise, jewelry,

antiques, and food.

You could buy all sorts of stuff.

There was so much to see . . .

I caught one vendor napping — heehee . . .

There was a homemade Pie Auction. I got the feeling that some of the old men thought they were bidding on the cute little cowgirl holding the pies! The building in the background is where the quilt show was held (we were upstairs).

And there was a parade . . .

Just look at this crowd!

Kids were ready to watch everything, and catch candy.

And it was a great parade! There was a little bit of everything. The Color Guard (is that what you call it?),

Accompanied by the Brunswick Marching Band playing the National Anthem,

during which I was glad to see even the little tykes saluting the flag.

There were big new tractors . . .

And smaller older tractors . . . (This is the husband, son, and granddaughter of one of my friends in guild)

Old trucks . . .

Old cars . . .

And bagpipes:

The Shriners (of the Flying Barstool variety) were there.

The Keystone Kops’ prisoners were letting the kids shoot huge water guns at the Kops.

The theme for this year’s Pecan Festival was “It’s a Jungle Out There”, so there were lots of themed floats . . . although I am a little disturbed at the overly large severed chipmunk head riding on the corner of this one . . .

There were young cowboys . . .

And young cowgirls, too . . .

The weather was absolutely perfect, and the day was so much fun. And to top it off, the quilt I entered into our show got First Place Viewer’s Choice! I’m already looking forward to next year’s events.

UPDATE: Since it’s been brought to my attention that it’s mean to mention a quilt and then not show it, here’s the quilt I entered and got Viewer’s Choice with. It’s the overly large one that I made for My Cowboy year before last:

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More Show . . . And Some Tell

As promised earlier, I have just a few more pictures of quilts to show you from my home guild’s 27th Annual Quilt Show, held this past Friday and Saturday.

Have I mentioned how much fun it was?

Two entire days of nothing but quilts and quilters. Pure bliss!

Before it got real hectic, and I was confined to my vendor booth, I snuck out and around to take some pictures of my favorites. Some of my favorites actually won ribbons, and were pictured in the post previous to this one. Three of my other favorites are pictured below . . .

This one belongs to Peggy Clark. She’s a fellow member of the Noon Stitchers Group I belong to. I fell in love with this quilt when I watched Peggy working on it at one of our Quilt Til U Wilt days. It’s the colors . . . I love Jo Morton’s fabrics. This is made with Jo’s Cinnamon and Spice line. The pattern is available for free on Andover Fabric’s web site. Click HERE.

This quilt was made by Cathy Poyner, another fellow member of the Noon Stitchers Group. I’m just realizing what a great group we are — wow! I love everything we all do! This pattern is one of Bonnie Hunter‘s mysteries, called Double Delight.

This quilt was entered into the Antique category. It’s a Postage Stamp quilt, and it belongs to a lady named Dorothy, but was made by a lady named Mary Hoyt. Dorothy said that Mary was pretty much homebound, and this is what she liked to do with her time. I’m so impressed. How simple, yet amazing. I feel the need to do a quilt like this now. Seriously. I think I’ll go start it as soon as I post this. I’ll report back later on that.

And while I’m doing that, you can read below some conversation snippets, in my usual eavesdropping style, that I overheard during the quilt show this past weekend. Enjoy!

“I said I wasn’t going to buy any fabric.”

“Arthritis is a lot like sex. If you just keep active, it just keeps gettin’ better . . . “

“I’m under quilt arrest.”

“Did you BUY that book?” . . . “What book?”

“Someday never comes.”

“Put that down, before you obligate me to sew something.”

“We got no business bein’ out after dark.”

“I think I have shopped till I have dropped.”

“Yes, but have you SEEN their fat quarters?”

“My wife told me to keep my greasy hands offa them quilts, and she ain’t never told me any different.”

And if only I had a dollar for every time I heard this one . . .

“I have that pattern . . . I just haven’t done anything with it yet.”

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27th Annual

Quilt Show for the Hands of Friendship Quilt Guild of Kirksville, MO, my home guild.

Or so they said . . . I’ve lost track of how many years we’ve been doing this. I’ve been a guild member for 15 years now. The quilt show is always so much fun for me. It’s also an extreme amount of work for all of us each year. But so worth it.

Just like happens a lot of the time around the farm, I was too busy helping to wield a camera, but I did make a point to take a few pictures here and there.

We hold our quilt show in the auditorium of a large church. The building is wonderful, and gives us plenty of space to have everything all in one room.

Our theme this year was “A Tisket, A Tasket, A Beautiful Basket.”

Here’s what you would have seen as you came in the front door and started through the show:

In one corner, we had a bed-turning going on. A wonderful display of basket quilts, appropriate for our theme.

We had 8 vendors set up throughout the room. Lots of shopping opportunities!

And 136 quilts on display, to be voted on for Viewer’s Choice awards in each of 11 categories.

And the winners are:

Small Art Quilts/Wallhangings: Michele Breault, with “Small . . . and Smaller”. This pair of pieces only measured 22″ across (both pieces). If you click on the picture to enlarge it, I think you will be able to read how she made them. And they’re hand quilted, by the way. Michele is a handwork expert.

Large Art Quilts/Wallhangings: Alice Allinson, with “Sunset Over Tuscany”. Alice made this quilt from a pattern in the book, “Bella Bella Quilts”, by Norah McMeeking. In fact, it’s the cover quilt, but Alice chose not to do the appliqued center, and instead did some awesome quilting and embellishment in that space instead. (I can assure you that my pictures do not do any of these quilts justice.) To add to the story, Alice just returned from a trip to Italy, where she got to see lots of designs like this up close and personal.

Baby/Youth Themed Quilts: Katy Kitchen (my sister), with “Critters Dancin’ in the Moonlight”, a pattern by Linda Hohag of Brandywine Design. She made this quilt for her grandson, Max, and barely wrested it away from his mother to get it into the show.

Youth Quilts (made by quilters under the age of 18): Hailey Beach, with “Sunbonnet Sue”. Hailey colored the blocks with crayons, and her grandma, Kay, helped her with the setting. Way to go, Hailey!

Hand Quilted: Anna Ruby, with “Star Spin”. Anna and her sisters enter our show every year with large hand quilted quilts. I don’t know how they get so many done! This one is so big, it couldn’t even be hung full out, and I couldn’t get a full picture of it.

Machine Quilted, Computer Guided, Pieced: Susan Chidester, with “Lone Star”. I loved how bright this quilt was, and the quilting designs were wonderful.

Machine Quilted, Hand Guided, up to 82″ wide: Miranda Wilson, with “Christmas Baskets”. You may recognize this quilt because I’ve shown it to you before. Miranda is Rose Marie’s granddaughter, and this quilt is one of the 8 Christmas Quilts that Rose Marie made for her family last year.

Machine Quilted, Hand Guided, over 82″ wide: Troy & Linda Grgurich, with “Bargello”. This quilt was made by fellow guild member, Vera Lile, who gifted it to Troy and Linda, the current owners.

Machine Quilted, Mixed Technique: Kay Beach, with “Winter Wonderland”. This is a Crabapple Hill pattern. Wonderful done in blues . . .

Guild Challenge: Shelly Pagliai, with “Deno’s Flag”. Yep, that’s me! My Patriotic Challenge quilt got a blue ribbon. Deno was excited to hear it. He’s very proud of his quilt. I’ve shown it before, but in case you don’t recall, this pattern is by Gerry Kimmel Carr of Red Wagon Quilts. It’s called “September”, and it’s from the book “Home Front”. Very fun to make.

Antique: Arletta Nelson, with an unnamed quilt that was made by her husband’s great great great grandmother. Gorgeous!

There were also second and third place winners in each category, but I didn’t take pictures of all of them. I was too busy.

In a separate post, I’ll show you a few pictures of some that I liked, even though they can’t all have ribbons.

And . . . if you’re interested . . . you know me . . . I have some funny snippets and quotes for you that I overheard during the show. Later . . .

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Busy Guild

My home guild has been really busy lately. We’re getting ready for our annual show, which is always a lot of work, but also a lot of fun.

Two Saturdays ago, we had a Quilt Til U Wilt day, and I took along some projects and stitched all day with my quilty friends. Quilting in droves is always more fun for some reason . . .

It sure does get entertaining at times.

Kay got to making fun of me for something I did, and while she was busy doing that, she stitched her block up wrong.

Notice in the picture over Kay’s left shoulder that Linda is now making fun of Kay for stitching her block wrong? Well, guess who sewed their block wrong next?

That’ll teach ’em to make fun of me!

Meanwhile, Peggy didn’t make fun of me, and kept her nose to the grindstone, and all her blocks came out just fine . . . See how that works?

Here the group is helping Peggy decide on a final arrangement for her blocks.

There were several in our group all working on these same blocks because they had taken a workshop to learn how to make them. The pattern is called Confetti Cake, and it’s by Margot Languedoc from The Pattern Basket.

Rose Marie has hers done already, so she was working on a Stretched Star quilt:

And Cathy was working on her Roll Roll, Cotton Boll quilt, a Bonnie Hunter Mystery.

I worked on sewing pairs for some 4-patches . . .

. . . and set together some blocks for a Community Service quilt.

I also worked on my Crayon Challenge for a little while, but no big progress on that.

The very next Wednesday was our regularly scheduled guild meeting, the last meeting before our quilt show. We have 140 entries in our show, so it’s gonna be GREAT! I can hardly wait.

Meanwhile, I got a small fix by watching this month’s show & tell session at the meeting.

Sandy showed the wedding quilt she’s making for her daughter. She showed it unfinished, because by the time we meet again, her daughter will be married and have the quilt in her possession.

Meredith showed a little 3-dimensional quilt she finished.

Then she showed an embroidered quilt done by her friend and fellow guild member, Di.

Diane showed her Over the River and Through the Woods quilt. I had not previously seen one with the red added in, and I really like that touch.

Susan showed a Trip Around The World quilt:

Marsha showed her paint-chip challenge piece, with which she won first place in the Paint Chip Challenge!

Carol showed a scrap Buggy Wheels quilt she had finished. Very nice!

And if you’re anywhere in the vicinity of Kirksville, Missouri, on Friday, June 3, or Saturday, June 4, you MUST come see our show. It’s gonna be fantastic!

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