The Move Is Complete

Whew! That took way longer than I thought it would, but I think it’s worth it.

The new site is finally live, so please head on over there and check it out.

If you’ve linked to my blog from anywhere (your blog or a web site), please update your link to reflect the new site:

This blog will remain here, so if there’s anything you need to come look at, it won’t disappear. It’s just that I’m not adding any new content here. It’ll all be over at the new place.

I’ve moved over all the content from my old web site, and updated it, and hopefully made it better and easier to navigate.

So come on by and see me over there!

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In case you haven’t noticed yet, my web site is broken.

I broke it on purpose.

Because . . .

I’m getting a new one!

I’m working with the wonderful folks at MayeCreate in Columbia, MO, to get an all new look for Prairie Moon Quilts. I’m excited and nervous about it all at the same time!

Monica has been fantastic to work with.

For right now, we’re creating a sort of interim place with a new site design, until we get a lot of other behind-the-scenes stuff done.

What this means is that real soon I’ll no longer be blogging at this same web address. The blog and the web site will all be combined at:, which makes me very happy, because that’s what I’ve had in mind ever since starting my web site and blog. I’ll still keep my Etsy Shop the way it is for now.

It’s gonna take me a few more days to get everything moved over. I was so aggravated with my old site that I hadn’t even updated it since March, so I have a lot of information to add and update, and Monica still has to tweak a few things for me, and then we’ll unveil it.

This doesn’t change the Hazel’s Diary blog at all, so if you’re in on the Quilt-Along over there, things are just as they were, and that’s how they’ll stay. I’ll have a way to make it easy for you to find Hazel’s Diary from the new web site, too, so never fear — just Quilt-Along!

For now, I’ll still be posting a few things here, and when the new site is up and running, I’ll let you know. I might be having a celebration, too, so be sure to check back.




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That Instant Gratification Thing

Everyone likes it, right?

Well, in an effort to assist in some small way, all my Prairie Moon Ranch Cowboy Christmas Stocking patterns are now available in a PDF version! They’re all listed in my Etsy Shop.

The 2008 stocking pattern:

The 2009 stocking pattern, “Rhinestone Cowgirl”:

The  2010 stocking pattern, “Prairie Paisley”:

The 2011 stocking pattern, “Cowboy Kris”:

Of course, they’re all still available in the pre-printed version, but for those of you who really like that instant gratification thing, the PDF is much faster. It’s emailed to you not long after you order! No waiting on the mail.

Oh, and I almost forgot! Etsy’s having their Christmas in July event right now, so I’m offering 10% off any order in my shop from now until July 22. Just use the coupon code CIJ10 when checking out. (You won’t get the discount if you don’t put in the code.)

This also includes 10% off if you custom order a Christmas stocking made just for you, so if you’ve been wanting one and want me to make it for you, now’s your chance to get a good deal. Just convo me in Etsy.

And . . . the 2012 Prairie Moon Ranch Cowboy Christmas Stocking pattern will be out sometime in August, so stay tuned!

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Lessons on Cattle

My sister was babysitting our brother’s 4-year-old granddaughter the other night, and they were outside watering the flowers. LaneyB began counting the cattle in the pens behind the house.

Katy said she likes when Laney counts because they always end up with more cattle than they really have!

Katy decided to teach Laney a little about the cattle she was counting, so she told her: “See the ones in this pen? Those are girls, so they’re called ‘heifers’.”

Laney repeated: “Heifers.”

Katy: “And those over there in that pen are boys, so they’re called ‘steers’.”

Laney repeated: “Steers.”

Laney decided she wanted to tell Denny (Katy’s husband) what she had learned when they went back inside. So they went over it again: girls are “heifers” and boys are “steers”.

Back in the house, she runs to tell Denny the results of her lesson on cattle. She climbs up on his lap, and says: “Uncle Denny, boy cows are called ‘steelers’, and girl cows are called ‘stuffers’!”

I’m pretty sure from now on, we’ll be calling our cattle “stuffers” and “steelers”. Things like that just stick . . .

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Cowboy Poetry Week, April 15-21

It’s Cowboy Poetry Week.

Yes, going on right now. initiated Cowboy Poetry Week as part of National Poetry Month (the month of April) in the US and Canada. This is the 11th Annual Cowboy Poetry Week.

Each year, chooses a painting to represent Cowboy Poetry Week on a poster. This year’s poster features the painting “Heads or Tails”, by R.S. Riddick.“‘Heads or Tails” © 2004, by R.S. Riddick,;  Cowboy Poetry Week 2012,

You can read more about this painting and the artist here: R.S. Riddick

Or visit R.S. Riddick’s web site to see more of his work and learn more about him.

You should also check your local library for information on Cowboy Poetry Week. Most libraries participate in some fashion. Attend a reading, check out a book, or listen to a CD. My local library highlights a display of books on cowboy poetry and the western way of life.

There are also events held in all sorts of places throughout the week. You could actually go to one and see the authors reciting their own works. For a schedule of those events, click HERE.

I’m especially excited that my friend, Yvonne Hollenbeck, will be performing, even though I won’t get to see it. Yvonne is a very talented quilter in addition to being one of the greatest cowboy poets of our time. I’m honored to call her my friend. (And thrilled that her sewing studio is almost as messy as mine!)

She even has a Quilting link on her web site. She does programs for guilds and quilting groups across the country, combining both her poetry and quilting talents into one wonderful program. So there’s something to consider if you’re looking for a program for your guild (hint hint) . . .

I hope you’ll check out the information on Cowboy Poetry Week. And if you’d like to have one of the Cowboy Poetry Week posters, all you have to do is become a sponsor of and they’ll gladly send you one.

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The Way My Mind Works

Years and years and years ago, my uncle told me a story about a lady that worked in the same office he did.

Being young at the time, the story stuck with me because I thought it was just awful what happened . . .

This lady had really, really long hair, and one day, she was operating a piece of office equipment, and it caught the ends of her long hair and before you could say “Scat!”, it had wound her up in said piece of equipment up to her scalp, with her hair all caught up in the machine.

She had two choices:

1 ) Remain bent over the machine with her head caught until a repairman could be summoned and arrive and take the machine apart to get her out of it, or . . .

2 ) Let them cut her hair to release her more quickly.

She let them cut her hair.

My longarm has a “dial” on the back side that spins when the machine is running.

I have long hair.

Today, as I was executing a pantograph on a customer quilt, I leaned over a little, and felt something tug at my hair.

And realized that I had just narrowly escaped having the right side of my head all wound up in my longarm, much as the lady above had been caught.

I was home alone at the time.

I made a mental note that maybe I should start pulling my hair back when running the machine.

And pantos being what they are, I continued mindlessly quilting along, but . . . my mind wandered . . . to . . .

Just what exactly would I have done had my hair gotten wound up in my machine?

Hang out with my head trapped against Ivy’s side until My Cowboy showed back up?

“Hey, hon, welcome home. I’m just chillin’ with Ivy here. We’re buds. Wanna come unwind me so I can fix supper? Pleeeeeze?”

Then I remembered that while I’m quilting, I always have a pair of scissors hanging around my neck.

I could have cut myself out of such a mess!

Never mind that I would have looked like I was wearing a half-mullet that I tried to give myself in some throwback retro midlife crisis.

Folks would have wondered what drugs I’ve been taking . . .

It’s only hair — it’ll grow back, right?

And how would I have explained it all to My Cowboy?

If I can’t be trusted to stay home alone and quilt, then what?

I’d have had to make up something . . .

“You wouldn’t believe how windy it was doing chores tonight!”

“I tried to tell you I shouldn’t have to cook. Now look what’s happened!”

“The animals tonight at chore time — whew! — wild, I tell you!”

I don’t think he’d buy any of those, and it would only reinforce his belief that I need constant adult supervision in my life.

And that’s how my mind works when I’m left home alone without supervision!

You’d think I could come up with lots of other more constructive and useful things, given some quiet time, but nooo . . .

So let’s just not tell My Cowboy that any of this happened, because what would disturb him even more is the way my mind works.

Does your train of thought run on a straight track?

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Happy St. Patty’s Quilting Day!

So much to celebrate today!

I just realized I’m not wearing any green.

I need to go fix that before My Cowboy sees me, or I’m sure to get pinched.

But he’ll probably pinch me anyway.

He’s Irish, so he takes this day really seriously.

Here’s what we did last year.

This St. Patty’s Day should be less stressful.

Since it’s also International Quilting Day, I’m planning to step into the local quilt shop to see what’s going on.

Maybe I’ll pick up a green fat quarter or something, just to keep the spirit.

And I’m sure I’ll quilt for awhile, too.

Maybe I’ll start a green quilt . . .

My Cowboy will also not miss his chance to ask me  (in his best Irish accent):

“Do ya have any Irrrish in ya?”

To which I will reply “No”, since I’m Italian.

Then he will ask: “Do ya want some?”

It’s our little St. Patty’s ritual.

Maybe we need to get off the farm more . . .

What are YOU doing on this double holiday?

I hope you get lots of quilting time (and maybe a little Irish)!

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I Was Wrong

It’s NOT genius I’m surrounded by . . .


And I’m dealing with it daily.

From all sides . . .

My Cowboy is horrifically offended that in my last post about him, I made it sound like he’s just a “plain ol’ farmer.” And that I never mentioned Chip, the Wonder Horse, and Blueberry, the SuperDog.

“They’re gonna think I was just out plowin’ a field when I found that fire! You didn’t tell ’em what I was really doin’.” And then he reminded me of one of his favorite movie quotes: “I ain’t doin’ nothin’ I cain’t do from the back of a horse.”

So ever since, he’s been feigning indignance whenever he gets the chance. I’m sure Chip and Blueberry would also have hurt feelings if they could read the blog. They’d be harping, too, that I never mentioned that they had just finished rounding up and loading an injured cow onto the trailer, and that they weren’t even scared one little bit of the fire at all. They all want full credit!

See what I have to deal with?

Denny’s since moved on past the whole fire incident, and has been complaining that he’s putting on too much weight lately. So in response, my sister is putting him on a diet beginning tomorrow. He requested fried chicken for Sunday dinner tonight. One last hoo-rah.

I’m supposed to make him a chocolate cake.

Then he adds: “If I don’t like it, I ain’t a doin’ it.”

My sister says: “Well, I got news for ya. You ain’t gonna like it, but I’m the cook around here.”

He looks at My Cowboy and whispers: “The last time she put me on a diet, I’d sneak off down to Orville’s and have some o’ whatever Diane was fixin’ him.”

See what my sister has to deal with?

From our brother asking her if there’s any special seasoning he needs for those deer carcasses, to the neighbor standing in the gate and saying to me: “You bin waitin’ fer me yer whole life, aintcha?”, and me biting back a reply of “Why, yes — yes, I have — NOT,” it’s just one thing after another.

I had lunch with my cousin the other day, and he knew I had recently been on a quilting retreat. He inquired: “How does somethin’ like that work?”

So I explained to him how it went.

“Was there any drinkin’ goin’ on?”

I said, “Yeh, they broke out the wine on the second night.”

“The second night?! Why’d they wait so long?”

Then the trick question: “Did you have some?” (He knows I only drink very occasionally — does that make me an “anti-social drinker”?)

I said: “I really needed to get sewing done and didn’t want to be drunken sewing.”

He said: “Well, I like to sew when I been drinkin’. I do like to tie one on and get out my thread and needle and go to town.”

I had no good response to that one . . .

Last weekend, my niece found a babysitter, made plans for a date night with her hubby, and halfway through the date, he decided he was tired, and they just had to go home right then. (Some guys just can’t handle Dinner Theater.)

See what my niece has to deal with?

So she took him home, bought more tickets, and invited her mother and me this time. We had fun, and I’ll tell you more about that later.

And I wake up this morning, get chores over with, and ask My Cowboy what he wants for breakfast.

“I want an egg, but can you make it sorta scrambled and sorta fried and square? And can you make my sausage patty square, too? I want it all to fit on my toast just right.”

I was dying to know: “Did your mother have to trim the crusts off your PBJ and cut your sandwiches into special shapes when you were little?”

“I’ve never eaten jelly in my life. Yuck!”

I’ve inherited the world’s pickiest eater . . .

The insanity continues . . .

It should be obvious by now that all us girls needed a girl’s night out, huh? I think we’re gonna have to have them more often . . .

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Surrounded By Genius

I can’t help it.

It’s just the family I’m blessed with.

Not everyone can be so lucky.

My Cowboy owns a compass. The kind you tell direction with, not the kind you draw circles with.

I walked into the living room yesterday, and he was standing by the window peering down into it.

Me: “Whatcha doin’?”

Him: “I’m readin’ my kaleidoscope.”

Me: “Well, are you facing north?”

Him: “I can’t really tell . . .”

My sister and I were out galavanting, when our brother calls. First, he calls her. She didn’t have her phone with her. So then he calls me. I didn’t hear my phone ring. So he calls her again. Says: “I’m out drivin’ around on the 4-wheeler tryin’ to find out what the dogs have been eatin’. It sure ain’t dog food. They ain’t touched that for two days.”

My sister: “Think it could be a deer carcass?”

Him: “I don’t know.”

Katy: “You know, after a certain number of days, deer carcasses become toxic, and can kill whatever eats on ’em.”

Him: “You don’t say? Hmm, think I’ll try to find a couple more to drag up to the house.”

Tonight, as we’re leaving my sister’s to come home after Sunday dinner (and Hee-Haw), I’m rummaging through the console in the truck. My Cowboy: “What on earth are you doing?”

Me: “I’m looking for chapstick.”

Him: “We’re not in the desert.”

Me: “When my lips are chapped, they’re chapped, no matter where we are.”

Him: “Pfft! You haven’t kissed my ass enough to have chapped lips.”

I’m just certain that one of us will come up with the solution to a major world problem in our sleep some night . . . be sure to check back . . .

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News From The Studio, Episode 864

A couple weeks ago, I received an award from Jocelyn, at Happy Cottage Quilter. It’s the “Versatile Blogger” award. While I did not pass the award on like I was supposed to, I did want to mention it, because I do think you should go visit Jocelyn, who happens to be a very Versatile blogger, not to mention prolific! If only I could keep up with her, I’d feel like I was doing something . . . Thank you so much for thinking of me, Jocelyn!

This week, I was pressing a backing for a customer quilt, and as I got to one section of it, there was a gaping hole in it! Guess it came off the bolt that way and she didn’t see it before she gave it to me. And naturally, it wasn’t close enough to any one edge that I could work around it. So I had to take it back to the customer and get a different one from her. We’re both baffled.

It’s time once again for the Golden Quilter Awards, the 2012 version, hosted by SewCalGal. Please hop over there, read all about it, and make your nominations. There are ten different  categories, so this is your chance to recognize some of your favorites in the quilting world. You have until March 4th to make your nominations. Plus, there will be prizes — lots of good prizes!

Last Friday, February 24, the BumbleBeans BASICS Quilt Gather had another distribution event to pass out quilts to mothers and children who are trying hard to get their lives back on track. If you don’t think your charitable quilting is doing any good, just go take a look at these faces and you will know that whenever you donate a quilt, it is very much appreciated. The BASICS Quilt Gather is an ongoing thing sponsored by my good friend, Victoria, so don’t hesitate to send in your quilts at any time.

I’m quilting a custom quilt right now, and I’m so proud of what I’ve done to it so far, I made My Cowboy come and look at it. After peering at it for a moment, (and me making him say what a good job I’m doing), he said, “Yeh, it looks all trapunto-y.” Which sent me into hysterical fits of laughter! How many cowboys do you know who even know the word “trapunto” or know what it means, let alone are able to use it in a sentence? I’m still laughing . . . and he’s still feigning hurt feelings . . .

If you haven’t checked out the Learning Center over at the Quilting Gallery, what are you waiting for? Michele and Pat Sloan have teamed up to bring us all lots of really good information . . . and prizes, too — don’t forget about the prizes! This month has been all about Studio Organization, and while I love all their tips and tricks, it has made me realize that I’m in way too deep for just one month to do me any good. So I’ll be stuck reviewing the Studio Organization section of the Learning Center for quite awhile yet, but they’ll be moving on soon to quilting lessons, so be sure to go check it out.

That’s all for now. I’m off to go work some more magic on the quilt I have in the frame. Must keep up the “trapunto-y” efforts . . .

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