2011 Final Stash Report

My final Stash Report from 2011. It’s my final Stash Report period. I’m tired of keeping track of everything I use. I need to pull some of my irons out of the fire, and make things simpler for myself in 2012. Not having to keep track of the fabric I use up or bring in is one of the irons I’m cooling.

So, while it’s been great knowing just where I stand . . . I’ll be winging it next year. At some point, I may feel the need to keep track again, just to see where I’m at . . . but for now, here’s my final results for this year.

Used during this time period: 13.08 yds

Used year to date: 118.78 yds

Added during this time period: 2 yd

Added year to date: 28.75 yds

Net used in 2011: 90.03 yds

I was shooting for the 100 yards net used mark, and I missed it by only 10 yards. Not so bad, and still much better than last year, when I was nearly that much in the hole instead!

And here’s an interesting statistic for you:

In two entire years of tracking, I’ve had a net stash reduction of 7.5 yards! Laughable, really! Or not, maybe . . . But it’s why I’ve decided to quit keeping track.

Go see how everyone else ended up the year over at JudyL’s. And keep checking back with her next year for continued stash reports from the others.

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  1. You are like me and trying to simplify….

    I still need to figure my final stash usage….I have two quilts to calculate, both scrappy so there is no “yardage” used except on the back and I have been putting the math stuff off. I just am not using much of my own right now!

  2. As I primarily use scraps, it would be very difficult to keep track, so I don’t (or maybe that is just my excuse). But, considering how much you have going in and out, I would say you have good crop rotation. It keeps the fields fresh without reducing the size of the farm, so to speak. That is important, too.

  3. I think you did really good! I started out the year keeping track, and then fell off the wagon somewhere along the way. Not only do you have to keep track of what you buy and use, you have to keep track of the paper you wrote it down on. :0 I think I will just keep trying to use up my stash and not spend money, that should work, right??

  4. that’s pretty amazing. the fact you could keep track is amazing! I couldn’t do it… LOL! Happy week after xmas… 😉 hugs!

  5. Haha! You did great, but this is why I’ve opted not too keep track. It would simply be too depressing for me. I know I’d be in the “red” big time. But that’s not what it’s about for me, so it’s all cool. Nice job, Shelly!

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