Redneck Reality

Last Saturday night My Cowboy and I were invited down to the neighbor’s for a birthday/bachelor/bachelorette party for their son, Nick, and his bride-to-be, Hallie. Her friends got her a sash and a tiara for the event.

Leslie, the neighbor, and I, grew up together. He hasn’t changed a bit. Honestly, his wife has earned sainthood in my book, just for putting up with him! Not only did she orchestrate putting the meal together, even though the guys actually did the cooking outdoors, she kept everyone happy and still managed to run around and snap a few pictures.

And the party went about like we expected. Very entertaining . . . My Cowboy and I have determined that this bunch should have their very own Redneck Reality TV show. It’d be a hit!

The boys were all lined up with their shotguns, shooting clay pigeons.

That’s all good and fine, normally, but look where they’re shooting! We kept teasing Leslie that we sure would hate to have to spend our Sunday butchering a cow after it got hit by a stray shot.

We had really good seats for observing the longest game of Washers in the history of the world. It was being played by Leslie, and Charles (in the red shirt) . . .

. . . and Floyd (in the blue shorts), and Mike . . . Floyd and Leslie being partners against Charles and Mike.

Seeing as how they were all four consuming copious amounts of alcohol throughout the game, it was nearly impossible for them to keep score. Furthermore, in all their drunken genius, they came up with a new way to tally said score, and the game drug on and on and on and on . . .

Punctuated by jigs and shenanigans, mostly by Leslie when he (or more likely, his partner) managed to finally make a point.

Yep, still shooting toward the herd . . .

Nick’s friends had mixed up a “cocktail” for him as his birthday present, and it’s time for the highlight of the evening’s shootout. Thank goodness the cows have moved out to further pasture by this time . . .

Nick got to shoot the canister so it would explode. I don’t think Floyd expected him to hit it just then . . .

After that excitement, the game of Washers resumed. I’m only sorry that I missed getting a picture of Leslie doing the moonwalk. Leslie’s brother maintained that it was more of a “gravel shuffle” than a moonwalk, but still . . . who knew he could even do that much?

After being ahead for nearly the entire game, it came down to the final point, and Floyd and Leslie had let Charles and Mike tie with them. That whole time, and the game came down to one final point. And after hardly scoring anything for the entire game, and enduring jokes from all onlookers about letting Floyd carry him, Leslie managed to score the winning point. Unbelievable! And I’m sure he’ll never let anyone forget it, either.

It was a really nice evening for an outdoor gathering, the food was fantastic, and we had fun just watching everyone else have fun. Even Roscoe seemed to have a good time.

Leslie got to show off his new hay baler. His other one recently caught fire in the hayfield and burnt up, taking a bit of the hayfield with it. It’s been way too dry around here this year. And that right there might make for an entire ‘nother episode of their Redneck Reality TV Show!And the best part? Nick and Hallie are getting married this weekend, so we’ll be doing it all again! Our very own weekly versions of Redneck Reality . . . Come on by!

Oh, and miraculously, no animals or people were harmed during this episode . . .

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  1. This sounds just like something that would occur on our farm! I’m guessing everyone will have just as much fun, if not more at the wedding too! That little Roscoe looks so cute in the picture!

  2. is the same around here a little farther south!! Drove from work towards Jeff City a few weeks ago on a saturday and saw a groom and all his groomsmen in their tuxes, less the jackets, lined up shooting skeet over a cow pasture too. Having fun before they had to go for pictures. Am assuming there may have also been a few fun photos of groomsmen with shotguns along with the bride and groom, outside the church doors, lol!!

  3. Haha! This is too funny. It does sound like a redneck reality show! I love it. I bet the wedding will be a lot of fun. Hopefully the animals will remain safe….the people, well, they’ll have to fend for themselves! LOL

  4. Other than the game of Washers (I have no idea what that is…haha) this could have been any one of our south Georgia redneck gatherings!!!! Lots of fun. So glad your Cowboy seems to be feeling well 🙂

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