The Final Countdown

Isn’t that a song by “Europe” from the mid-80’s? Funny how some songs stick with you even when you don’t necessarily want them to . . .

But I digress . . . 

Tomorrow starts the final 5 days of 2009, and I have a few things to finish up before the end of the year . . . I have a feeling that some of you do, too. I know I said I was intending to relax, but if I get just a few more things off my plate, I think that will help me relax a little more going into 2010.

So, as usual, I have to make things a game for myself (it’s an ADD thing) in order to get anything done, and I’m challenging you to join me. Here’s how it’s going to work . . .

* Each day for the next five days, beginning tomorrow, I’ll assign a task. (Don’t worry — I won’t make them too difficult.)

* Your job is to do the task.

* Once you’ve completed the task, you can come here and comment and tell how it went for you. You can also write your own blog post about it and just link back to your post in your comment, just in case the task was so traumatic for you that you have to write a looong story for emphasis! Actually, before and after pictures would be great, so a post of your own would be very welcome; just comment here and tell us where to find it.

* If you finish all five tasks and make your comments to that effect in each post, then you will be eligible for a PRIZE that I’ll draw for on January 4, 2010. That’ll give you time to get your comments all entered in, if you were so busy doing the tasks that you didn’t have time to comment right away, see? You can even save up all the tasks and do them all in one day, if you’re an over-achiever like that . . . definitely work in your own style. Just be sure to comment on EACH post separately so you can be eligible to win the prize. You’re only eligible for the prize drawing if you leave a comment on each post. 

I’ll be doing these right along with you, since misery loves company, so you will not be alone on this mission. And hopefully, this will give all of us a little boost on getting a fresh new start in the New Year. Are you in? If so, check back tomorrow, when your first task will be assigned . . .

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  1. Okay Shelly, I’ll try. If I cannot hold up to my end, well that’s just the way it is. I am hoping for a low key week.

  2. Shelly, ok I’ll try, is about quilting?, lol, sounds interesting!

  3. It is fun stuff right – like sewing, crafting, reading books, etc – not cleaning I hope!!! LOL!

  4. You have peeked my curiosity.

  5. Oh my, saying yes and not knowing the parameters? I’m risk taker so I’m diving in – see you tomorrow! Kate in sunny, snowy Colorado

  6. Great, now that song is going through my head.

    Where’s my keyboard? LOL

    Well, I’m home till the first so let’s give this a try!

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  8. Got a baby quilt on machine now. Need to finish quilting then bind. So am determined to get er done.

  9. […] put those last few stitches in that binding, because there’s a new task for today . . . (for The Final Countdown — come join in) . . […]

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  13. ooooh! Can I join in?? I just found your blog. I have been too lazy this week and need some motivation…

    I will post pics asap.

    thank you for hosting this “kick in the pants”!


  14. Okay… is this Karma, or what?!?!?

    I’ve been working on an Eye Spy quilt, these past few days and I think there’s about 8 inches of binding, left to do on it.

    Count me in, my new buddette, if I’m not too late to try and play catch up (as opposed to Ketchup! LOL)!!!


    Rosa Robichaud

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  16. I think I might have to call in reinforcements.

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  18. This has been lots of fun following.

  19. […] hope the Final Countdown helped you get organized and ready to head into the New Year with a fresh start. I know it has […]

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